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True Fighters in Life


In our life, we come across many people. Some face the difficulties in their life with a smiling face. The other type of people cry over any hardship in their way. There are only a few individuals, who consider the hardships of life as challenges, decide and set their goals, and strive hard to achieve them in life.  In my view, the ones that consider life as a challenge are the true fighters in life, as their sense of achievement and motivation is that of a true fighter. They realize that life will not present happiness and good days in a dish, but one has to fight for their good days.



True fighters play cards with life. They don’t rely on any short cuts to achieve their success. They are born ordinary but their sense of achievement makes them extraordinary. Sometimes, they may reach a situation that leads them away from their main highway and they enter a narrow and difficult path, but these fighters always find a way to reach their final destination, the destiny of their dreams. They have the courage to face the bitter realities of life. They don’t just take what life wants to give them, but strive for what they want – with dedication, hard work, courage and spending their precious time. They believe that there is a path for every success and achievement. To find the path that leads to your destination is the actual task, and they never give up on that.

There is a sad story behind every success, but they learn how to sacrifice for it. They are the strongest ones that fight the battles most of the people don’t know about.  They have faith in themselves and their abilities, and at the end they will reach the top of the mountains with achievements… may be they will achieve completely or partially, but are never bare-handed. I read somewhere that if you have even 1% chance to win, continue to fight. Always remember no matter how small the chance is, it’s still an opportunity.

By Sabahat Hamid, Alumnus ASAB

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    October 31, 2013 at 11:25 pm #

    i think also luck matter in many matters!!!!

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