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The World is Not a Hopeless Place Yet


Measuring a destructive 7.7 on the Richter scale, the earthquake, that originated in north-east of Awaran district, struck the province of Balochistan in full force on 24 September, 2013. To date, the death toll in the disaster has risen above 500; with hundreds wounded, and hundred thousands more homeless, all in dire need of help under the grief-stricken sky.

It is a remarkable quality to come together in times of need. In response to the misery of the earthquake affected people, NUST Community Services Club launched an earthquake relief campaign. Starting off from the office of Rector, and moving down to staff and students, the campaign turned into a highly successful endeavor, with an astounding 1 million rupees being collected in just a matter of 9 days.

Credits: REUTERS/Naseer Ahmad

Credits: REUTERS/Naseer Ahmad

The campaign consisted of door-to-door collection of goods and money, movie screening, and barbeque night. NUST Bazm-e-Pakistan, NUST Alumni Association, TABA Foundation, Heal Pakistan, Senior Citizen Rights, and Teach-for-Change are a few collaborators that helped them in this marvelous feat, and contributed in their success.

The amazing efforts do not end here: NUST Volunteers Club, with just 6 hours on their hand, managed a whooping 6.5 lac rupees in their classroom-to-classroom donation drive. The spirit of the students is applaudable who donated so generously to help their anguished and distressed counterparts in Balochistan.

Instances like these are the ones which restore our faith in humanity. Good luck to teams that will visit the areas for distribution of aid to the affectees. May the help reach the ones who truly need it.

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