NUST or Not !!!

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Hey Congrats you got into NUST…..Really what an achievement. Wow what, there is more??? U not only got into NUST but in all the other universities you applied for as well… You got into GIKI, PIEAS, FAST etc etc as well….That is just awesome, splendid, superb…You have really outdone yourself haven’t you….Your parents must be really proud of you and your relatives must think highly of you now….Well this worked out so well for you. All your hard work and sleepless nights finally paid off…Your dream has finally come true…. You must be really happy….Give yourself a pat on the back…But hey there is still one thing left to sort out….which university should you go to….it’s so hard a decision and which preferences should you set…so much to find out so much research to be done….so many hours to be spent on the internet trying to find what is best for you….

Have you finally made your decision??? If yes that’s great, if no then let me help you with it….

You always wanted to be an engineer didn’t you??? and your parents wanted the same for you….Well you have finally done it….


Think once again because this is going to be the biggest decision of your life…. You might think that you have made a lot of difficult decisions before and will have to make many others in the future…But this here is the most important one of your life because once you make it there is no turning back (well actually you can always go back but all of us know how our societies operate in our country)….We might not know it but our society controls our life because anything we do we always think twice because we don’t want people to think any less of us….My advice to you is screw them, YOU will have to live with the decision you make at this point, YOU will have to live with it your whole life not your society not your parents not anyone else, it will be you and just you….So think once again, follow your heart, do what you want to do….it doesn’t matter whether its engineering or business studies or arts or whatever…as long as you have a passion for it you will succeed and when you do everyone will come around even those who initially thought you were not making the right decision….

Your parents or your family members or people who have something to do with you might think that you are too young to make this decision, but let me tell you if they think so they are wrong, you are old enough and wise enough to make this decision yourself….Believe in yourself, trust your capabilities, have faith in your talent… Live your life the way you want…. Because if you get into something you don’t like you will never exceed in your life you will never be able to utilize your capabilities and over time you will lose yourself, you will lose your identity, you will lose your qualities and strengths and one day you will find yourself standing in front of a mirror and thinking who is that person I don’t even know him/her anymore. So please do not make a decision that you’ll regret later…..Choose the field you have a passion for, you know well what is good for you….if not then just read about it and see which field suits you the most….play to your strengths.

Now coming to the next point….NUST or NOT….Well let me tell you something about myself when I got into NUST I absolutely and with all my heart hated it :p…..I used to curse my fate and I used to think that I was being punished for my sins….But eventually as the time passed I started making friends……I stopped hating my life and finally started living it….Me and my friends, we’d have a few laughs abusing the people we hated here…..But then there was also something else, we’d take classes together, we’d study  together, we’d eat together, we’d play together, we’d spend hours walkingNUST Cafe

around our campus talking about things, well I’ll admit mostly about girls and stuff :p (we all know how teenage boys are), we’d celebrate our birthdays together….little by little we started enjoying our lives….then one morning I woke up the sun was just rising and I went to the roof of my hostel, I looked around and for the first time in 6 months I realized how beautiful my university was, how extremely  beautiful NUST actually was, and I still think that was the time when I fell in love with this place….I started loving everything about it….its lawns, its grounds, its roads, its building, its Schools, its cafes…things that were intimidating in the start became a source of happiness and bliss for me…i started loving each and everything about it…and I finally realized that I was not being punished for my sins, I was being rewarded for my good deeds….I realized that coming to this place choosing it over GIKI and FAST was the best decision of my life….Because now I can’t think of my life without NUST…… I am afraid of the day I’ll pass out from NUST….. I don’t know how I will be able to go walk out its main gate knowing that I won’t be able to come back to this place as a student but just an ex-student …. Just thinking about it fills my heart with sorrow and sadness….NUST is my first love, NUST is my HOME…..

Quite emotional isn’t it :p ….but it’s all true….I can tell you this Life at NUST is simply Great…you’ll have the time of your life here….BUT The decision is still yours….make it wisely…Because you’ll have to live with it all your life….. Home is where your heart it so Listen to your heart…. Good Luck…..  🙂

When I got into NUST, I tho't that Engineering was the most difficult thing ever....After 3 years here I now realize that Engineering may not be a walk in the park but it isn't difficult either if you have a passion for it.....I am almost an Electrical Engineer now but in all these years the most important lesson i have learned is, do what u want, follow ur heart, play to ur strengths and no matter what the world says go for what u believe in and what makes u happy the rest will all be history one day..... My passion is to watch Seasons all the day long but alas i Can't make a career out of it....:p .... so choose wisely because this decision is going to be the biggest one of ur life.

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  1. Plz inform me about the admission procedure for mbbs nd bds ???? As I appeared in NET 2 but don’ t know what to do farther…….. I u guide me it well be so nice of you 🙂

  2. All the information you need is available at….kindly visit the website and if you still have any queries just drop a comment i’ll guide you further….

  3. Zainab Ayub

    I’m greatly inspired to you.
    Well its my ambition to study there in NUST.Buh it seems too difficult now because I’ve taken Medical.Am currently studying in the first year of Pre-medical.Buh em not good in Biology even I hate and don’t want to touch the course book of biology.BUT I want to be a Doctor and want to walk behind my PAPA.
    Now What should I do?I even can’t answer myself because I know I can’t clear entry test Kyounky mujy kcuh b nai ata Biology sucks -_-
    Am good in Maths pr ban’na Doctor hy.

  4. Dear Mr.Usman

    My Daughter has applied in Nust for Undergraduate admission 2014 batch. Her Merit position is 763. She is being offered Mechatronics . But She is More interested in the carrier of Engineering in Electrical.

    Could You please guide me the following.

    Is this possible to change discipline after fee is being deposited.
    If We do not deposit fee in the offered . Would she be considered in second list for desired desipline.

    Would you Prefer Mechatronics over Electrical Engineering and Why


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