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71589_4871060610793_2038055661_nThis is the end. I have finally graduated. Well technically, I haven’t graduated yet, my final exams are finally finished, and somehow those nut cracks on Facebook can’t get their heads around this. There is a big difference between graduating and your final final exams ending you fools! So my final final exams have finally ended and there is a probability of 0.7 that I will graduate.  Sigh…I can’t find words to describe the feeling. To be more precise, I can’t find any respectable politically correct words to describe the feeling. There is just too much non sense to feed in your already saturated brains that I am feeling confused about where to start from.

So let’s start with the astronomical events that unfolded since my last post which if I am correct was in July of 2012. My final year started, and being an Engineering students I had to take up a Final Year Project. If you are interested in its name then brace yourself, it was called: “Design of Chassis and Bodyworks and Fabrication of Chassis of a Single Seat Car for Formula SAE Competition.” It was related to Formula NUST Racing and assuming that you are a student of NUST and have not been high 24/7 for the past one year, you must have heard about it. We are making a Single Seat Autocross Race Car and will hopefully be representing Pakistan at the Silverstone Circuit, U.K. this July. I believe that only an extremely long and comprehensive post can do justice to the whole experience therefore I won’t delve into Formula NUST Racing at the present.

I have also started playing piano. That’s right, piano. I will give you a minute to absorb this before continuing……………Yup, piano. It’s not easy to play folks. It’s not easy. If it had been easy then every single burger wannabe out there with his or her acoustic guitar would have switched to piano. Unlike guitar, you cannot learn to play piano during summer vacations. It requires at the least two years to reach the skill level of an intermediate player, and to become a master, a whole life time may not be enough. You have to keep practising day in and day out. You see, with piano it’s not just about hitting the right key, it’s about hitting the right key at the right time with the right velocity to create music worth listening to.

Learning piano needs dedication, it needs love for music and above all, it needs patience. This July will mark one year of my affiliation with the instrument and boy, it has been one hell of an experience. Music in general, is no different from a language. It allows you to communicate your thoughts and emotions with the rest of the world. For me, piano has acted as a channel for venting out emotions and feelings. It’s a truly fulfilling experience, from learning new pieces to practising old ones to composing music that have never been heard before by anyone else except you.

I am cutting short this post however I will write 2 final posts for IRNUSTIAN, one will be about Formula NUST Racing, the second one will detail the mistakes I made during my 4 years of University life and what I learned from them. See you soon.

P.S.: The following piece was composed when the final semester of University started and I finally realized that time was running out…


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