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SCEE Sports Gala Cancelled, Big Troll form NICE!



SCEE has always been hit for many reasons and it is biggest department of NUST H 12, considering technology and expense on labs. The students here are so tough specially the students of NICE. NICE is hit the most. People from NBS, SEECS and other departments laugh at us for many reasons. I appreciate the work done on facebook page “NUST Trolls” as it looks like online propaganda against NICE. We always try to defend ourselves by giving excuses like” yes yes we have the biggest seminar hall.” How irony it is that what they laugh at us about has proved to be true.

Recently IGIS (which is also SCEE btw) had sports gala. Before it ASAB had sports gala and before that SEECS had sports gala which was far better than all sports gala held after that. Anyways the sports gala made NICE people think “Moka bhi hai dastoor bhi hai!” So we made proposals, handled minutes sheets, did a lot of advertisement, registered teams. We all expected it to be super awesome because we had Basket Ball, Futsal, Table Tennis, Badminton, Tug of War, Scavenger Hunt, Gun shooting and Fun Fair.

There was another issue; I am owner of blog Spinie which is slowly being converted into organization which does random work. Spinie was arranging Basket Ball Matches named as SCEE Basket Ball Championship. Due to SCEE gala, I had to put off the event and all the profit I was earning went back, so I had kind of virtual monetary loss.

I sacrificed for SCEE, because everyone says that SCEE can’t arrange the fun and sports events. There was air mixed with three major gases in NICE i.e. Oxygen, Nitrogen and Sports Gala. But the very date 16th April 2013 when preparation was at full swing, the event was cancelled and scene was off with no solid reason.

Canceling of event SCEE SPORTS GALA proved the point of other departments that we are boring people, we SCEEANS can’t do anything fun. We are meant to attend the conferences and seminars.

Canceling also costed me loss of profit of Rs 5000.

It also hurt the feelings of NICEANS. I demand that we get immediate Social and Fun activity. I hope you will feel pity for us. Anyways I understand that cancelling of event would be due to some genuine reason, but all I want is that NICE caters for this event with some thing better, we would really be happy.

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  1. April 16, 2013 at 9:10 pm #

    Very well written Hanan Mughal.
    Gather the student body, and do something. Sports gala is a must.

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