Clock is ticking towards 10th September 2012

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I am not a freshman at NUST. Its gonna be my 3rd year IA. I have done awesome things in the vacations. I am loving my life. There’s a thin line between excitement and curiosity. I am sure about one thing, 2 years back when I was freshie at NUST i was so curious and excited as well. But this time its only excitement. Not the excitement of classes or new semester. Its the excitement about seeing NUST again after such a long time, to meet my friends, to see the new confused batch 2012.

Not everyone can see NUST in the special way like I do. I feel NUST, its weather. What is my status? I am badly missing NUST right now. First I was like, o i dont want the uni to open. And now I am like, O God, make the time go so fast, I want to go NUST.

What do I like about NUST? I like the NUST, and in NUST I can be me. I can know my self better than I can know any where else. (No offence dear home.) In NUST I just get happy. I thank God for me to be there. There are people who will be thinking that nothing bad happens there. To clear you guys, bad things do happen with lot of people including me. Bad things may include, fine by NUST security due to breakage of road laws. May be fine on misconduct which you may think is fun. Bad grades. Getting ditch by someone. But it doesnt mean at all that you start to abusing your life. Life is precious, because life is NUST.

NUST, we all are honored to have you in our lives. May you prosper. Regars, “voice of NUSTIAN”

I am Abdul Hanan Mughal, a student doing engineering. Blogging is my hobby. I blog mostly covering the topics entertainment and enjoyment of life, so that no one gets worried on any trouble happened. There is always a positive side of aspect. It depends upon us how we pick it. Further I have interest in sports specially basket ball and foot ball. I love these games and they are also my passion. If you want to enjoy the life, just be your self. Have some good game. Always trust in Allah. Everything will be fine Inshaa Allah.

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  1. Kamil Khan Marwat

    Up till now I heard of people falling in love for a girl or a boy, but here I can see a person have fallen in love with something generally known as NON-LIVING thing. A piece of land in Islamabad surrounded by wall of bricks painted yellowish named as NUST University. For the sake of GOD I am not offending something rather adding more humour 🙂

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