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Breakfast Talk with Moin Khan


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Adventure knows no borders.  It has been proved when Moin Khan, 25, have been traveled across the world on his motor bike to reach back home (Lahore) all the way from California, San Francisco.

He set up a different agenda and started doing what he loves to do, to share the peace loving nature of the people of Pakistan around the world.  He started his Journey from Golden Gate Bridge, California and riding east he reached Pakistan via San Francisco – Canada – New York – London – Scotland – Germany – Switzerland – Lichtenstein – France – Monaco – Italy – Austria – Slovenia – Slovakia – Hungary – Romania – Bulgaria – Greece – Turkey – Iran – Pakistan.

The route of the world tour

He has magnificent stories from all around the world to share specifically to mention the crash he had in Romania where he narrowly escaped death.  His bike was completely destroyed and wasn’t really in a condition to move any further.  But this was an experience of experiences for him since he met more people and made new friends.  And what actually reveals his adventurous spirit is that a destroyed bike, a lot of broken bones (a few in his own words), weeks of bed rest and hospital environment couldn’t back him off his mission.  The motivation was still at the top.

The secret of the bike and what has happened to it after the tripThe secret of the bike and was left of it after the trip

You can find more about the crash on his TED Talk at TEDxKinnard:

Recently, Moin Khan is going to set another record when he plans to explore Pakistan starting from up North for which he will depart from Islamabad on Monday July 2, 2012 on his mysterious ride which has not been revealed to the public yet.  Although it has been challenged that his ride, whatever it is cannot make it to his destination at all let alone in time as he plans to attend the Shandur Polo Festival on it.


Mysterious Ride – In the making

The Route he plans to follow for his second tour Exploring Pakistan is: Lahore – Islamabad – Besham – Shandur – Gilgit – Hunza – Khujrab Pass – Skardu – Naran – Kaghan – Lahore

He is not sure about how much money will be spent on the tour and how many days it will take exactly but in his own words: “I want to prove that you don’t need to have a lot of money to do something epic.  And I swear this is going to be more epic than the last one.”

NUST Adventure Club has been lucky enough to get hold of him at the beginning of his journey in Islamabad on Monday, July 2, 2012 and have arranged a small interactive session with him on his past adventures and upcoming trip around Pakistan and what is the agenda this time.

For any more details on the event lined up you may visit: Breakfast Talk with Moin Khan

And if you’d like to be a part of the event and wish to hear what he has to say in person then register at:




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