Visiting the Nissan Redlands Dealership

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Visiting was like a dream come true. I had never seen so many amazing Nissan models in one place. I absolutely love cars, and I’m guessing that you do as well since you are here reading this article. I have lived in California for a couple years now, and I’d advise you to really check out the area you live in if you’re looking for a Nissan. There are tons of dealerships here (because there are tons of people) and you really want to make sure you get the right now. For Ontario, it was pretty close to where I lived so that was already a plus. I had heard about the dealership through a couple friends as well since they either took their car to get it serviced there, or they actually purchased a used or a new car from there. Of course I was looking for used cars, so that was the section that I was most interested in. I quickly browsed through their used car inventory on their website and decided to drive over there (in my ever dying Ford Taurus) and check out the cars in person.

The first thing that I noticed was that the atmosphere was very welcoming and friendly. They had a very nice door-person working there and compared to many of the other dealerships, this man actually seemed happy to be doing what he was doing. The music was set on a nice radio station mix of both jazz and classical which I very much appreciated, since some other dealerships tend to have rap or the “hits” radio station on and I absolutely can’t stand that music. I mean, who do they think is buying a new car, a seventeen year old? Not usually. Anyways, after not only learning about their amazing specials and deals but actually falling quite in love with an older Nissan Altima, I decided that this was the dealership for me. My new Nissan is absolutely great, I get complimented on it all the time and it cost me no where near the fortune that the newest Altima would have costed me. I’m very thankful that I found the West Covina dealership. Now whenever I need something done to my car like an oil change or tire rotation, I just go to the same dealership. Fontana Nissan is also very good, although I don’t personally do my business there I find my friends raving about it all the time. Cars are so beautiful and interesting, and I love the mechanics behind them. They also get me from Point A to Point B very fast. Dealerships are great for me because they are like little museums. I love cars and I think that Nissan is a brilliant company.

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