6:32 am - Friday January 19, 2018

NUST Adventure Club’s Gun Shooting Competition


There is something about guns that is inherently cool.  Perhaps it is the sense of power that one feels upon holding one or the chance to mimic our favorite movie stars. Whatever the reason maybe, it is a subject of much fascination.  And the elusiveness of guns sport makes them that much more attractive as evident by the overwhelming response that was received from the students at NUST, far exceeding the 36 seats that were available.

All of the participants for the competition woke up early and showed up at IESE. Some were bitter they had to miss the much anticipated lassi breakfast but excited nonetheless for the day’s proceedings. After everyone had arrived the bus left at 9:15 am. Following a 20 minute drive, we arrived at the magnificently built and meticulously maintained sports complex which boosts extensive sports and recreational facilities.

With that the competition officially kicked off. All of the 36 participants went head to head in the first round. The competition was intense and many proved to be quite the marksman and markswoman. There was a break at the end of the first round. The participants were then given a brief tour of the beautiful sports complex. Lunch and refreshments were served when the participants returned from the tour which eased their pain of missing out on the lassi – kind of. Also on a side note the guys totally did not hog all the chairs and made the girls sit on the floor because that is not what guys do obviously.

After lunch, the participants proceeded to the second round of the competition which became a lot tougher and only 5 guys and 7 girls made it to the last round. The final showdown was an epic battle of focus and concentration from which emerged the winners of the occasion.

Everyone then proceeded to the closing ceremony which was started with the recitation of the Quran. Colonel Raza – Chief Guest, Sir Saud – Faculty Coordinator, and Saliha Akram – President of NUST Adventure Club, gave awards to the winners. From the guys it was Ali Naqash, Syed Miqdad and Shehrayar Shafique who claimed the top prizes and from the girls it was Syeda Asma, Rabia Shakeel and Rabia Anwar – all worthy winners. Colonel Raza Agha announced that the winners of the competition would be awarded free training sessions at the weekend and an opportunity to perform at the national level.

However the day’s festivities were not over just yet. The Nustians challenged Colonel Raza to a display of his abilities. He retaliated by going over to the skeet shooting arena and hitting the clay disc in midair in his first attempt. He then proceeded to give a couple of rounds on the skeet shooting to all the participants plus the organizers because he is cool like that and that’s just how he rolls.

It was a fitting finale to an evening of fun and excitement. Everyone returned with high spirits and the bus ride back to NUST was quite lively. The NUST Adventure Club worked incredibly hard to make this event a reality and their hard work was reciprocated in the praise of the participants.

One of whom had this to say, “A very good event. Appreciated!”

Another added, “An awesome ending. Thank you for organizing such amazing events.”

NUST Adventure Club aims at bringing much more for its young enthusiastic adventurers in the future


Written and Compiled By:
Idress Hussain and Taimoor Ahmad,
NUST Adventure Club, Publications Team.

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