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Happening Tomorrow ~ Gun Shooting Competition by NUST Adventure Club


How cool is it to take a hike to a shooting range and fire some rounds?

Gun Shooting Competition by NUST Adventure Club

I am quite sure about all of you who took physics at high school level have studied projectile motion.  And while explaining the trajectory of the projectile motion your professor must’ve said a sentence similar to the one my professor said: “Jab aap BANDOOK chalatay hoye nishana laetay haen tu thora upar aim kartay haen...” I don’t even remember rest of the sentence. Are you kidding me?  When did I aim a gun at someone or anyone for that matter?   I hardly remember if I ever held a gun in my hand.

Coming back to the professor’s statement, I believe most of you couldn’t remain in the class after that.  At least I couldn’t because I immediately turned into a counter terrorist of Counter Strike, live in action.  Can you imagine the blood pumping feel of holding a gun and aiming it at a target?  Doesn’t the feel of firing some rounds gives you adrenaline rush?  Off course it does.

And now, this Saturday, April 28, 2012, NUST Adventure Club is giving her General Members a chance to go beyond imagination and jump into the real world with the real feel

Shooting has been a favorite sport ever since the beginning of time. It has evolved into an activity with more than just a utilitarian purpose, with ever more increasing number of participants every single day.  The sport demands impeccable concentration and focus.  It requires the right set skill and nerve to handle the skill.

NUST Adventure Club is going to make sure that every participant not only just get a chance on the gear but also learn some aiming and shooting skills so that if they ever study projectile motion again in their lives, they would understand what the professor is saying.  The experts in the Gun and Country Club are going to make sure of that.

Oh and did I forget to mention the addition to your Facebook DPs?  NUST Adventure Club has it all for you.


Written By:
Aymen Zehra,
Asst. Director Publications,
NUST Adventure Club

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