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During the semester break I was cleaning my room and found my copy of Undergraduate Student Handbook. Unable to resist the temptation, I started reading it. By the time I finished it, I was quite surprised because it has a lot of things in it as rules which I always wished to be implemented.

Smoking in hostel, for instance, I had dreamed for ages to be banned at hostel but to no avail, and there it was mentioned in clear words as an “offense.”

So, are these rules or Standard Operating Procedures (called as SOPs in Military Colleges) ever going to be to deployed or they just good to be there in the print only?

Attendance Policy was what once MCS was proud of. No one, how influential may be, can get to sit in the examination if he does not have the 75% attendance. With remorse I have to write that this Fall 2011, out of a list of 201 defaulters, there was no one who was barred from taking the examination.

Similarly the policies of Examination Branch are not worth taking into consideration according to the staff there. It is customary to provide urgent certificates after elapse of a time period amounting that of a normal request and normal requests. . . God knows when they will be catered.

The only policies being worked on and being “developed” (there is a new version after change of every authority) is the Fine Policy.

It appears that the college is more inclined towards money making rather than helping students.

Policies on industrial tours, student feedback, schedules ans academic calendars are so clearly defined and yet they are the least observed ones.

Take Final Year Project Policy, for instance, it even approximates the dates for each and every event but even then the authorities thought of themselves as a law onto themselves and decided to arrange the presentations according to their own leisure time and it resulted in nothing but anarchy and choas. I would like to mention here that in the end, it was decided to follow the SOP (So why not follow it from the start?)

All the time we are crying about lack of policies but here where we have them, why are we reluctant to apply them?

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