Level of Job Security for Medical Students at AMC

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I overhear two aunties discussing AMC in these words: “Oh so your child is a MC Cadet; so he must be getting a salary from the start…That’s a nice thing”.

“My neighbor daughter is a PC cadet, she tells that she has to serve in the army for 3 years at least after she pass out… Isn’t that secure enough for a girl to do a job of a doctor and still be respected and duly paid?”

So what comes in our minds when we first talk of AMC…obviously how hard to get admission after competing thousands of students for few seats…..? Second that how much job security and study security we get from the institution…. Along with the fame, we can easily complete our 5 year study of MBBS or 4 years BDS in exact time…not a month more or less…. Next the MC Cadets gets to serve in the army directly which are almost the 40% of every class…… Leaving behind the 60% which can obviously get into army any time after completing their studies…whenever they wish…..

The PCs are now mandatory to serve in army for 3 years after which if they want to they can always quit….. But after 3 years you get so used to the norms of the army thing that you won’t be, in most cases, leaving army at all…. So again job secured there for the PCs lot….

If somehow you are not so fascinated by the charms of army uniform and its salutes, respect etc…. You get a degree with two most prestigious stamps on it: NUST and ARMY MEDICAL COLLEGE

You show that to any hospital in Pakistan and you are sure to get a dignified job……When nothing works your own parent institution comes to rescue and you can always get inducted into army as an army doctor…..

That’s the kind of job security every parent and every individual aspiring for AMC look towards by the end of their study span at AMC……

Nayyab Zehra

Studying at Army Medical College. Love to read English literature of any kind and aspire to become a renowned writer one day!!

64 Comments to Level of Job Security for Medical Students at AMC

  1. Hllo .i m inspired frm u.actually my father died three months ago.i m going for matric exams.i wanna be an army doctor.do pray

  2. Can u guide me abt the way of becoming ‘captain doctor’ as i call it.plzzzzz.wanna do smthing special in life

  3. hey you can get into army after you complete your mbbs from any medical college after giving issb exam. the army seats for girls have been closed for now at amc.
    good luck

  4. Thnx for hlp bt i ll be way more thankful if u explain it to me.bcoz i could nt understand properly.after my fsc,what am i supposed to do in order to bcom army doctor.if u dont mind u can give me ur twitter id,if u have any.i eagerly need guidance,after my father’s death ,its hard for me to concentrate then if u help me as an elder sister ,i ll be thankful

    • Hi muneeza, the seats for female doctors are being closed at AMC. You can join any medical college and then apply for ISSB tests held every year for induction of army doctors. I Hope ALLAH helps you in you future endeavours.
      Good luck 🙂

  5. Hopefully i achieve my target bcoz its the only reason that i m alive after my dad.i wont be able to live without this post in life

  6. Dont know why bt i have started to consider u my elder sister.may u live long and have every happiness in life unlike me bcoz after my dad everything seems priceless even this life i m living

  7. nayab api i really need a lot of help.my father was a highly qualified and educated person.after him i ve become devoid of guidance.plz help me…..my life is standing on a steep clif where i need a lot guidance

  8. If there is any way to join amc .plz let me know bcoz my determination for studying is vanishing with my dream of becoming army doctor frm amc.i m really really worried.cant even sleep

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