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I stopped and rubbed my eyes. I couldn’t believe myself.  It was a  proposal for building a squash court at our hostel. but before i could take a more closer look

“Saab! ap kmary mein jain CO sahab anay walay hain”

Disgruntled I made my way towards my room, did I say disgruntled? I was quite happy (not at the ‘izzat ifzai‘ I just had) but the idea of having a squash court in our own hostel!!!!

Al lright! I am not very much into the games, to be truthful not at all. The only time I go out to the ground is for commentary or to have a sun bath. But it doesn’t mean I am unaware of whats happening. Through the window I keep peeping whats going on out there.

2 basketball courts, 2 volley ball courts, 1 football ground having a jogging track, 1 badminton court, 1 tennis court at college and a gym too, what else would you wish for?

But is it what it seems? The badminton court is broken and is in a need of patching. same goes for the basketball court.








It is indeed a good initiative to build a squash court but the existing facilities should also be maintained.

There are broken cricket bats, feather-worn shuttlecocks and threadbare racquets which are also waiting to be looked at.


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