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Remaining healthy in winter


Winter is indeed tough but not as tough as for those who live in Russia. It has always been a curiosity in my mind that how Russians and Siberians survive. But yes they do. Comparing the winter in regular district of Pakistan with and any zone of Russia is like comparing acid of apple with Sulfuric Acid, one which is present in the car batteries.

Nonetheless, the winter in Pakistan is still dangerous and the reason is dry atmosphere, when your body is exposed to all kinds of bacteria and viruses. Few people think that bacteria cannot survive the cold weather. Of course they die in chilled places like Siachin. But the places like Lahore, Islamabad etc are good places for bacteria and viruses to spread flu and other infections.

Generally speaking winter is viral season and summer is bacterial season. But the main topic is to remain healthy during the winter seasons. We need to protect ourselves from all the threats. Winter itself is also a threat. Few problems we face during the winter season is:-

  • Dryness
  • Coughing
  • Sour throat
  • Common Cold
  • Flu

They are very common and we are kind of responsible for having them. Because the precautions we can take are very easy. Here are few things we can do during the winter to stay active and healthy.

  • Apply a good moisturizer. Every time we wash our hands and face, we have to make sure that our skin remains moist. Watch your feet and heels. They must be moist too.
  • Drink the good amount of water. Preferably 2 liters of water per day. It means 8 glass. Don’t go for too much water like 16 glasses or 18. In case of heavy and sweaty work, have some more water depending.
  • Brush your teeth carefully. No teeth should remain un-brushed. Don’t rub your teeth hard.
  • Eat dry fruits like almond, nuts etc. They are very good to retain your body metabolism. Plus they keep the enzymes in proper action.
  • Often eat egg.
  • When you oil your hair up. Don’t expose your head directly to cold wind.
  • Coldness attacks through hands, feet, head, ear and chest. If we cover those, we will be saved from coldness. Wear gloves, long boats, thick socks, a muffler and jacket or coat or jersey that may cover your chest.
  • Eat honey. It is good for throat. You may add some black pepper with it.
  • Take balanced diet. Make sure it is balanced because in both case, less diet or extra diet, it leaves fever and stomach disorders.
  • Stretches and at least light exercises daily. It is good to increase the metabolism rate. You will not face laziness.
  • Don’t sit in front of heater like crazy old lady we use to see in cartoons. Instead cover yourself and get yourself towards work.

I know many of you would know these things but never follow. This is the laziness. Laziness can be avoided by exercises. I hope this article will help you for something. Thank you for reading. If you also have any info you can share in your comments.

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