The level of Maintenance of beauty at NUST

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The cleanliness is half of our faith. No doubt it is. To be honest, the first time i came into nust, i was amazed to see such wonder. Yes I like to call it wonder because i had never seen such university before. No offence, but when i saw iiui for the first time, i was not pretty amazed. Yeah, the comsats impressed me well. But nust, I swear, I was so amazed that i am calling it wonder now. I have not visited the foreign universities but i know that nust can be compared with them.
I have spent my life in areas of forces. I mean the askari and paf base. What i used to see was beauty only. But we can’t compare it with nust.

Recently when I visited eme, i saw the same thing and symmetry that i had seen in pma kakul. And obviously the cleanliness too.
Now if I focus on cleanliness only, I say,

The roads of nust are mirrors,
H12 is verily million treasures,
The sun sets with sky clean.
This is heaven and lovely scene.

But one thing really disappointed me, the shortage of trees. I see the beautiful green belts, lovely flowers. But the tree, yeah i remember a tree in front if rumi hostel.

But i can’t blame anyone. The campus is new. And they have planted the trees and sooner they will grow. The footpaths are everywhere with provided drains. So the water does not stay. The efficient sewerage system, which is underground. But what annoys me every time is, the water leaking outside the Concordia 1. Water is stagnant at grass and my foot always get into it. The container dustbins are every where. But when the truck comes to pick up the garbage, the footpath gets dirty. Specially in front of rumi hostel and the footpath between Concordia 2 and rumi hostel.

I have also captured the image of one of the dustbins in front of Head quarters NUST, and the garbage was out in the green belt. Obviously some student would have done it or may be one who came to empty up the dustbin, but it looks bad anyways.

The maintenance level at NUST is really great. One story is that, in construction of the Razi hostels, the building started to settle. They then created the retaining wall to support building and action was taken very quickly. Few small things like repairing machines and computers are very quick. Being honest, in NIT, the ceiling didn’t have the finishing well and it lasted for months until the foreign delegation came to visit. So they repaired the ceiling.

The worst thing is that a nalla is passing from the centre of NUST, actually it’s a big drain created under the NUST plane but at least it should be underground. No one goes there but during the survey project of road alignment, we had to design the bridge over that, and when we went there, the smell was one of the most disgusting smells I have ever smelt in my entire life.

The rest of the NUST, everything is organized and under control. The way of construction of hostels, etc, even these things also look tidy because NUST management is very strict about the tidiness. Sometimes, when the land filler truck takes the filling of the ground from one place to other, the road gets dirty, like the parking being constructed in front of the Concordia 2. And that mud makes the cars dirty.

One very important aspect that outside the gate 10, to the H11 sector, the road has Afghan Colony and the road is double. The road is dirty and damaged. It looks so hilarious. And one some visitor is coming form that side, he would have created the bad impression of NUST before seeing the loving beauty.

Smoke free campus, so called. I have seen people smoking. That is very casual behavior of security. The students manage to smoke, and I think this is the great defeat to the sign board saying “Smoke free campus, breathe easy.”

In the end I conclude, that no matters how much we go bad about NUST, a person is convinced to admit, that there’s no cleaner university in Pakistan, than NUST.

I am Abdul Hanan Mughal, a student doing engineering. Blogging is my hobby. I blog mostly covering the topics entertainment and enjoyment of life, so that no one gets worried on any trouble happened. There is always a positive side of aspect. It depends upon us how we pick it. Further I have interest in sports specially basket ball and foot ball. I love these games and they are also my passion. If you want to enjoy the life, just be your self. Have some good game. Always trust in Allah. Everything will be fine Inshaa Allah.

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