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Stress Management during working days


University is very uncertain place where anything can happen any time. That’s right; one can be a boss in a second while the other he is caught. This is because you are a student. Student life is so tough. Sometimes tougher than one can think. And the ups and downs do come in the education carrier. These uncertainties put mind at stress and many students lose their interest in the studies, and life.

The thing is how to figure out the root of stress and if we concentrate, it’s not the study we are worried about, it’s the happenings other than studies. If we take control on certain things, we can manage the load of work and study very easily.

How to figure out the things? There are two classes of the students:-

  • Hostilites
  • Day Scholars

I am day scholar and I know more about problems of day scholars rather than hostilites. Actually day scholars have certain problems that harass them a lot.

One of the biggest problems seen is the transportation. They use various means of transportation. The wagon and buses create problem sometimes like they have day off very early and they have to wait until the scheduled time has come for them to leave. They can’t leave at their will. So they waste up to 2-3 hours a day and sometimes more. So when they get in bus or van, they are dropped one by one so they reach home very late. Plus the restlessness they feel during the travel. When they reach home, they need a rest. Most of them sleep. So they don’t find the time to do assignment or prepare for the quizzes. So they lose grades and ultimate is the stress at their minds. The problem here is that they waste the time sitting in universities or hanging out with their friends in café or somewhere else. They don’t study in front of other students because they are afraid of being called pappu or theta. And some students don’t study in front of other students so that they don’t become victim of evil-eye. Solution is that one must be determined to study at university with little abstain from hanging out too much. I don’t say that he shouldn’t hangout but at least he should do some studies in university, no matter people think that you are a pappu or theta. Just ignore them. For evil-eye, as we are Muslims and should have trust in God, we should recite some Quran and do some charity to be safe.

Another noise that puts stress in mind is sleep deprivation. Usually the hostilites suffer from this. Some day scholars also have the problem. Although the internet is shutdown late night in NUST, but still the student try to study at night which is not a study but just open books, and watch movies. These movie nights and so called Shughals have damaged the brains of the students and they lose the hope and interest in the studies and when the grades are announced, they gain nothing but stress and tension. The solution is that we should not be up at night. If we have to study we should reschedule our routine and if we have to watch movie, it should be at weekend or evening. But better to concentrate at studies than so called Shughals. The fun is good until it is exploited.

Another problem is relationships. Many students come from villages and their parents spent lot of money with so much pressure over them just to let their child study. And when they join the universities, the thing that keeps ringing in their minds is that they will get a date. They will talk to someone charming and etc. When the join, either they get a date or not. In both cases they are distracted. When they don’t get a date, they become frustrated. And when they get a date, they are not able to give time to their reason for being in university which is to study. This creates the stress in mind. In swear cases, they nearly get depression. The solution is only that they change their attitude. They don’t think over being in a relation. They have to revise this all the time that their purpose for being in the university is to study. If they study well, they will get a job and will find a perfect match for them. If they don’t study, they will waste their life finding a job because they already had wasted the time flirting. I say tit for tat.

NUST has C3A for that for consultation, if you have any problem, please go there. They will surely help you a lot. Don’t cheat with your selves. Have a blessed life. Thank you for reading.


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  1. anonomous
    January 6, 2013 at 9:42 pm #

    reaching home at about almost 7 is really stressing and causing time management problems.. in university i cant study not cause of friends but of the lack of peaceful environment of home… can you give me some solid tips to manage time as a day scholar to improve grades.

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