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New Canteen Opened at NIT, NICE junction


Everyone knows that classes are the places where we burn our minds, else we sleep. So the department is recognized by the coolness it has and the best place of any department is the hangout area. It really has happened. The new canteen has been opened in NIT and NICE junction. Its exact location is roof and NIT where it meets with NICE building in SCEE. It has changed the life of the SCEE civil engineering students. And every time you see the students laughing and eating and enjoying the moment. Even some guys play foot ball there. So it’s like a little life for the civil engineers.

Now I am going to discuss about some technical details, not the technical “technical”, but I mean some serious info:-

The owner of the canteen is Zulifqar Ali and he has 5 employers. The names of 4 of them are:-

  1. Zahad Ali
  2. Ghulam Murtaza
  3. M. Afzal
  4. Nisar Ahmed

So the owner has made the canteen after investing his money. According to him the whole setup has been made of about 500 thousand rupees. Building and Interior cost 350 thousand rupees.

The canteen was opened on 30 November 2011 and for the opening the CR’s and faculty were invited with Principal SCEE as Chief Guest.

The main Menu of the canteen is:-

  • Samosay
  • Sandwich
  • Pastry
  • Donuts
  • Tea
  • Pakoray
  • Somasa Chat
  • Buscuits and Candies etc.

To explain the lay out in my words, it’s like small two room hut like building with light brown color. The building has been made with light materials. Outside the building are seats and table under umbrellas, pretty large and beautiful umbrellas.  The floor is fully tiled.

I took review from four people. Three of them were students and one was guard.

Haris Bangash Says:-

“New tuck shop is good in sense of products it provides. Also it gives very healthy opportunity and atmosphere for all students to interact with each other.


Fatima Aqeel Says:-

“Quality and quantity of “chai” should increase and should have a microwave. Coffee should also be made available.”

Irsa Anwar Says:-

“Fresh sandwiches, that are prepared on order, should be available, as well as other DESI NAASHTA options like PARATHAS”

Guard “Riasat” gave his review about canteen too. He says that Samosas, tea are fine. But Samosas should have large size. The standard and rates are okay. The layout is beautiful. The taste of the tea should improve.


In my views, I second with all of the comments people made. Surely I am thinking to make a summary and tell this all to the canteen owner Mr. Zulifqar Ali so that the standard may increase further and time comes that there remains no complaint. The Canteen seems healthy because I have peaked into the kitchen. One thing I should mention that the ketchup in this canteen and in both the Concordia 1 and Concordia 2 is not so good and I don’t like them. Neither do many students.

And I appreciate most about this canteen is that the behavior of the workers of the canteen and canteen owner is very nice, so that it not only rhymes with institute NICE but also it becomes the part, say a merger. J


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