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TEDxNUST final day preparations


TEDx is an inspiration from the TED’s sole mission of ‘Ideas worth spreading’. Technology, Entertainment and Design raise to the power of x makes TEDx, where ‘x’ stands for an independently organized TED event.  TEDx events are designed and organized to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to get encouraged through dialogue sessions which depict the TED like experiences at the local level. This initiates deep conversation connections because the event involves not only screening of TED videos and live streams but also live presenters.

NUST will be making history on 24th of November this year by hosting the first ever TEDx event in any public sector University of Pakistan. The event has been collaboration between I R NUSTIAN and NUST Entrepreneurship Club. It is due to the immense support of I R NUSTIAN fans, authors and contributors that it gave the strength to go this far and initiate the idea of organizing TEDx event at NUST level. The collaboration with NUST Entrepreneurship Club later on opened all the gates to actually make it happen on NUST soil.

The pre event planning, preparations and arrangements were started just after the University reopened for the fall semester. Regular meetings, marketing strategies of the event which comprised of social media to flyers, registration of volunteers, attendees, searching of sponsors, selection and invitations to Speakers etc took the organizers two months to make the orientation ceremony possible on 2nd November 2011. The only idea behind such efforts, hard work and motivation was to let the NUSTians have more exposure to innovation, ideas and creativity which could lighten up their minds and persuade them to bring their brilliant creative ideas into reality.

The orientation session was also arranged at the SEECS seminar hall to hire students as the volunteers to work in the organization committee. The orientation session was a huge success and a large number of students from not only H-12 sector but also from military colleges of NUST honored us by being the part of the event.

Orientation Session @ SEECS Seminar Hall

So, for the final day, 9 speakers including a musical performance have been planned on the platform of TEDx NUST. As the attendee license is limited, so every registered member might not get the chance to attend the program physically. But we have good news for those who will not be able to join us at the event; Live Streaming of the event has also been planned so that they will be provided with a chance to access the conference session live from the NUST premises on their computer over internet.

With the idea generation by iRnustian to the execution by NUST Entrepreneurship Club, this joint venture will InshAllah be making difference in the minds, creativity and imagination of NUSTians  this week on 24th of November 2011. We hope to achieve the honor of your presence at the event with a hope that our little effort will actually Rekindle the thoughts of NUSTians and make Pakistan a better place for our future generations.

Muhammad Nouman

Curator and Licensee,


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  1. Noman
    November 23, 2011 at 12:25 am #

    I am from Islamic University Islamabad.
    i register my self on TEDx. Further procedure i do’nt know…..?
    kindly guide me

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