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Now NUST could be LISTENED!


Who says that engineering students cannot be creative and they are more into technical and boring stuff? NUST has falsified this statement as its future engineers have launched an internet radio station which is a student run project and even the Rjs are the engineering students. With the tagline of ‘Polluting the Airwaves’ this initiative has definitely reduced the communication gap among the students. Listeners who are the NUSTians, comment that they had never been so informed about the events being held at NUST, before the launch of the radio station. Students have now availed the opportunity of a positive interaction among themselves and the radio has actually proved that NUST is not just the place for nerds, books and studies but one of the greatest happening universities in the town.

Radio NUST updates its listeners daily regarding the events being held in the university, not only this but the events have also been given an opportunity of the LIVE broadcast. Presidents from various societies are also called for interviews time to time about their initiatives and the progress of societies. Initially, the target market for the radio had been the NUST students only but due to attention grabbing and fun based shows by different Rjs, it has considerably increased its fan base.

Radio NUST is just a month old and it has gained approximately 1200+ fans on the facebook fan page without any formal marketing campaign. The focus of radio is not just to update the students about the events being held at the University but also to give a chance to smile during their LIVE shows at night at 11 pm during weekdays and 1opm on weekends. Some of the lively and humorous shows include ‘Ulta Seedha’ hosted by Usman Abdullah, ‘No One’s Show’ hosted by Rj Khubaib, Rj Zain and Rj Bhalu and ‘The Wajid Show’ hosted by Rj Wajid Chaudhry. Music is always central to radio channels and ‘NUST charts’ by Rj Faddo and Rj BKE is one of the most amazing shows being broadcasted. ‘Chuss Show’ by Rj hsn, Rj Uzi, Rj Aoun and Rj Chaudhry have provided the students a chance to see at the lighter side of their lives in campus and hostels.

Radio NUST is originally the brainchild of Rj Affan Chaudhry who is an engineering student at NUST but his whole team is putting the best of their efforts to make the Radio a successful story of entrepreneurship. Mr. Sohaib Chaudhry, who is currently a student of MS Computer Science at BTH University in Sweden, has proved to be the backbone of the radio and has made his contribution with his technical expertise in the launching of this internet based radio.

The website has been made user friendly for the listeners, one just has to type www.radionust.com in the address bar of the browser or it could also be listened with the help of the facebook application available on the Facebook fan page of Radio NUST. The website has a shout box or a small chat window for sending messages to the Rjs and this actually serves as a medium for connecting the listeners to the Radio Jockeys.

No doubt Radio NUST is a classic example of how people from various disciplines at NUST could give life to their brilliant ideas. We have people from Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Management science etc staying under one umbrella of NUST, so what else we need to gather and vitalize our creativity, innovative ideas, and imaginations into reality. We can prove to the world that we still are the supporters of unity, faith and discipline. I wish the Team Radio NUST , luck and success for their venture as they have not only taken the responsibility of improving the communication and interaction within NUST but have also taken the task of getting the emblem of NUST to shine with more pride and excellence.


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  1. Maliha Arif
    October 30, 2011 at 4:26 am #

    listened to radio nust for the first time. i must say, its a great innitiative.

  2. February 4, 2014 at 11:48 pm #

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