7:20 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

1st Intra NUST Bilingual Elocution


Found yourself choking up on the stage ? Have you seen the audience fall asleep to your interesting statistics and facts ? Well worry no more ! For there is a cure for your ailment.

What you need is to spice up your speech with some eloquence. This strange word is oratory’s equivalent of a magic spell. With it you can convince a crowd of your worldview, even if you spout lies and insanity. The examples of such a miracle are all around you.

Now you would ask what is this “eloquence”?

Well, Elocution is one of the five main disciplines of classical western rhetoric. As such the ancients believed it was an essential part of any child’s education. Indeed as history and ancient epics tell us, that elocution has played an important and decisive role many times. Many battles have been won only by the fire in the blood responding to a speech well given. And many an important decision has been made on a counsel well spoken.

Elocution in it’s essence is the art of speaking. Usually it is equated with a honey laced tongue. But that is not the entirety of it’s meaning. You see, Elocution is the art of speaking, not just using sweet words. And that includes gestures, facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, clarity of thought etc. An eloquent speaker engages the crowd and sways them with his every word.

Well get ready to yell “Aye!” NLC brings to you a platform for your eloquence. “1st Intra NUST Bilingual Elocution” is here to give you a chance in the spotlight. A chance to woo your audience.

Participate and prove why your eloquence is the oratorical equivalent of a magic spell. Use your honey laced tongue and leave the audience spellbound. Take the chance to make them care about what you think ?

You shall be put through 3 rounds:
1. Prose – Mazmoon
2. Poetry – Manzoom
3. Perfection – Mairaj

Participants may present approved selections in Rounds 1 and 2; however, for the last round, they will be provided an unseen selection from literature.

Cash prizes upto 10,000 and yet more importantly, every one is a winner in our eyes and each participant will get Literary Circle Souvenirs.

We are waiting to hear you!!

Written by:

Asjad Naeem Mukaddam – Member NLC

Not clear what’s elocution?

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