A ‘Pleasant’ Welcome

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We return to hostel amidst a feeling of a security threat looming in the atmosphere. All the security personnels were alert and the students were asked for their identities, at least thrice, on their way to college (which was barely a 5 min walk.) Walking in groups was banned and we were forced to break ranks (not the army ones, of course.) Why all this fuss, i asked myself! Is it due to unstable political situation or due to terrorist threats? Nah!!! It was all due to. . .

Dengue Fever!!!

It is the topic of the day. Even the staff could be heard talking, “Saab! Ap Lahore se aye hain? Ap apna check up kra lain.” So how could our ‘efficient’ adminstration have shown lack of concern to such an ‘immenent threat?’ Just after the night fallin we all were provided with . . .

While the institutions in Lahore are being closed for a 10 days vaccations, this step of our college cannot be taken lightly.

Muneeb Khan

Previously a pro-active student at campus, I am now thriving as a marketing executive. Other than doing some nerdy stuff at job I also write articles and dispense professional advice. You can drop me a line at my personal e-mail any time: muneeb_ngf [at] yahoo [dot] com

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