What to Expect in the Entry Test?

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The NUST Entrance Test (NET) is just around the corner, by now you must have completed the necessary preparation for the test. It is now time that you chalk out a program according to which you will produce at the test, what you’ve gained so far. For this a rough idea of what would be asked in the NET is necessary.
Weightage of subjects in the test is as follows
1. Engineering and Computer Science
Mathematics 40%
Physics 30%
Chemistry or
Computer Science 15%
English 15%

2. Medicine and Applied Biosciences
Biology 40%
Chemistry 30%
Physics 15%
English 15%

3. Business Studies / Social Sciences
Quantitative 40%
Verbal 40%
Intelligence 20%

4. B Architecture
Cognitive and Aptitude 35%
Mathematics 20%
Physics 15%
English Comprehension 15%

5. BS Mathematics
Mathematics 40%
Physics 30%
Computer Science 15%
English 15%

Let us first analyze the science subjects. For instance if you are applying for engineering, it is pretty evident that the university would want to check your skills in mathematics and physics mainly (with the possible exception of chemical engineering), hence the percentage of these subjects are high and the questions in these portions would also be rather difficult as compared to chemistry. Similarly incase of medical, biology and chemistry would be a little difficult. Difficulty however does not mean, the MCQs would be out of the world but it can be taken synonymous to conceptual. The questions are going to be more conceptual in your respective field. A general rule is greater the percentage of a subject, more the number of conceptual questions of it.
Another important thing is that you should expect the questions of the difficulty level of intermediate/A levels, not exact questions from the book. Normally F.Sc students develop this behavior that they expect to be tested in the same questions, as in the book (Federal board students can be exempted from this behavior). NET will not have the MCQs, you find at the end of each chapter, nor would exact lines from your text book be taken. The concept however will not be from mars. Questions with real life application are mostly asked.
Generally comprehension and analogies (synonyms and antonyms) would make your English portion of the test. In very simple words the English portion of the NET or any other entrance test for that matter is just a game of words (vocabulary). The test is basically aimed to check your understanding of English, and so vocabulary is integral. If you have sound vocabulary, understanding the sentences, comprehension etcetera will be pretty easier. For the grammatical issue, there is no hard fast rule for that and you won’t have enough time either to apply the rules on every question, so go for the sense of the sentence. For F.Sc students again, comprehension would not be as easy as in your board examinations in which out of four five lines of comprehension, you are asked to name the author (which is also mentioned in the text), in NET the comprehension WILL check your understanding. It would be lengthier and the questions would be more complex.
P.S The word list in SAT 1 guide from Barron is extremely helpful for the vocabulary.

Every question in the test can be solved by using the concepts explained in your text books, so if you understand, what you have studied and practiced MCQs enough, clearing the test shouldn’t be a problem.

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