Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC) – NUST (Positives and Negatives)

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The city of lights, the resting place of the father of the nation, home to the people whose ancestors started a movement so strong, that it impelled the entire subcontinent into submission; hence emerged a country we now call Pakistan. That, my friends is a description that does little justice to the largest metropolis of this country; Karachi. In the heart of this very city, lies PNEC (Pakistan Navy Engineering College).

Now you obviously know a lot about the city surrounding the campus (I hope), but you are (I mean should be) more interested into what goes on inside the walls of PNEC. Home to four disciplines; Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, PNEC offers one of the best faculties in this country, with a few exceptions obviously. The PhD faculty alone comprises of 25 people with PhD degrees from various reputed universities around the globe (11 in Electronics and Power Engineering, 8 in Mechanical Engineering, 2 in Applied Sciences & 4 in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering).

Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC - Karachi)

Apart from the faculty, PNEC has classrooms fully equipped with all important gadgets necessary for teaching, this, however, is not applicable to about 25% classrooms because the campus was first conceived some 15 years ago, but rest assured, up gradation is constantly in progress. In case you are interested to know, it is really hard to find a small unpainted patch anywhere around the campus; even the stairs and manholes are painted in some weird color scheme known only to the navy (stairs are blue, and manholes are black).

The college has two air conditioned auditoriums with seating capacities of approximately 300 and 1500 respectively. These auditoriums as one would expect are equipped with all audio visual facilities necessary to conduct seminars, guest lectures, competitions, etc.

The college has a campus spread over an area of about 75 acres (although you will only use about half of that), it has sports and other recreational facilities located all round, these, however, are not based on international standards but you will not be disappointed. In case you are good at swimming, you can attain membership at a nominal fee at PNS Karsaz, which is home to an Olympic standard swimming pool. One downside to all co-curricular facilities is that in order to utilize them you will have to stay after college hours or come back to the campus since you will not be allowed to, or in other words, you will never have time to utilize these facilities because of your studies. If you choose to live in the hostel, you will obviously have nothing to be concerned about.

The college has hostels for both genders with ample space. The rent for a month is almost unbelievably low, you get laundry and your shoes get polished every day. It is next to impossible to get bachelor accommodation for that amount in Karachi.

All in all, this is a place which will be worth remembering mostly because of the people you will spend time with. There are too many rules; you will feel you are back in school again, literally. Your haircut, your shoe polish, your uniform, everything would seem to bother the college administration. If you choose to be a part of this place, there is more good than bad to look forward to. Just remember, if you come out of this place alive (which you should manage easily), the road ahead will be wider and will not have many complex twists and turns, allowing you to maneuver your skills much easily compared to people from other universities.

Syed Talib Haider

An Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer from PNEC. A sincere believer in brevity and simplicity.

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