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Its that time of the year when certain individuals are worthy of far more respect and a share of humbleness as opposed to others for ‘living hell’ aptly describes what they experience during this period. Yes, I speak of the ones appearing in the sacred entry tests which hold a credibility of 75% in the system endorsed by the authorities in selecting pupil. NUST enjoys being at the pinnacle of the pyramid, which means you need nothing more than a lens that magnifies the procedure so as to let you grasp the abc of it all. I hope this read acts as one and serves you well. For you see, you all are in that state of body and mind, where arbitrary google searches and reading the news or tuning into local news channels for that matter can turn out to be lethal, bearing in mind how calculated your every second is.

Allow me to enlighten you with the big picture; upon reaching your center and settling in your numbered position, you receive a handbook that is filled with a series of multiple choice questions (a.k.a mcq’s) that are divided into four sections, English being the common ground for all disciplines. Depending on your choice of discipline, there are different categories of these booklets. There are the ones for the engineering students, those for medical ones, and separate ones for architecture and business students. When enquired at the beginning which one to raise your hand for, you opt for them on the basis of the sections as described below;

Medical Students Physics, Chemistry, English, Biology
Engineering/Bs Mathematics students Physics, Chemistry/Computer Science, English, Mathematics
Architecture students Physics, Mathematics, English Comprehension, Cognitive and Aptitude
Business students English and Mathematics. (quantitative, verbal and intelligence as they put it)

For percentage distribution, visit this link It is significant to note that each subject should carry immense importance in your eyes. Do not deceive yourself into thinking that by doing well in the subject with more weight-age you stand a better chance of scoring high.

It is vital that while these booklets are being distributed, you at least glance through the list of instructions inscribed on the front page first, to guarantee you haven’t missed out any recent addition that you might be unaware of. By doing so, you can rid yourself from the risk of ruining your career by silly mistakes that might haunt you forever.

Moving on, the pattern comprises of nothing but the mcqs for some three hours.  Come mentally prepared to devote a wise amount of time for each section. Then the question arises as to how to go about the test that would ensure a score sufficient enough to get you through with the admission process. Many  would concur that time management is a crucial weapon at this stage, hence don’t pace yourself to an extent that careless mistakes turn into an obstacle between you and your success, however, do not get bogged down on any question as well. ‘Aim for the questions you do well on’ is a phrase you must be conscious of like the back of your hand.

You are given the liberty to skip back and forth between the questions and for this splendid reason you can always come back for the ones you couldn’t manage to solve the first time, after having completed the ones you are a hundred percent sure of.  It stops you from making your answer sheet look like the map of Interior Lahore and the time spent on erasing your shadings can be adjusted to a better use. All you require is to keep your third eye open whilst marking your answers. Realize that incorrect shading is synonymous to a crime for which you’d definitely have to pay a heart aching price. Be as careful as a surgeon when operating. The final judge is a machine that can interpret your stray marks as willful attempts, so watch your step! Bluff your mind into perceiving the answer sheet as a holy certificate, for which ‘daagh tu achey hotey hein’ stands inaccurate.

The level of difficulty is said to increase from easy to medium to hard as the numbers ascend, thus play your percentages well. Make educated guesses for whenever you can eliminate one or more of your answers and fill your sheet away.  You are a grown up now, start acting mature! There won’t be any negative marking anyway, so consider yourself blessed.

For the English portion, remember you need to read the sentences properly! All your senses are to be devoured by the paper, and nothing but the paper. Go with a fresh mind and voila! In mathematics and other science subjects, forget groping for your calculator for basic calculations. Feed both your time and nerves with balance.

Despite all this, remain in a relaxed state of mind. Don’t let anxiety overrun your thoughts and let you down. It’s going to be exactly from what you prepared from and all those years of practice would undeniably pay off. Therefore, worrying should be at the bottom of your list of priorities, “focus” being at the top. See you in NUST! =]


courtesy: Barron’s SAT, Dogar’s ECAT and Google Images.

Maria Muneer

thoroughly crazy, consistently pessimistic & deeply superficial. superman continues to be a great inspiration - from SADA without wax ;]

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  1. Hahahahaha "…Bluff your mind into perceiving the answer sheet as a holy certificate, for which ‘daagh tu achey hotey hein’ stands inaccurate…." awesome line!

  2. This is a great article! Being "devoured by the paper"…couldn't have put it better myself!

  3. nice article……but it wud hav been better if u cud guide the students abt their choices of engg( or the order/prefence wich they state in the forms)….its vry vry imp, its like u are on the corss roads of ur lives and thr is no turning back !

  4. Thank you Bilal. I appreciate your concern, but you see, this article was meant to target the 'test' in particular. If you browse this site you'd be able to find Syed Talib Haider's 'How important your discipline priorities are at NUST Entry Test form'. Maybe that answers your question? Otherwise, keep coming back. For all I know, there's much more in store till the month lasts =]

  5. Abdul Wase

    for SADA should use ECAT or SAT??????

    do reply me bak, n there is FREE HAND DRAWING???

  6. I'd suggest you use ECAT (and sat2 if you have the time) for the physics and mathematics portion. For the english comprehension bit, go for sat1 and ecat. But for cognitive and aptitude test you simply need to come with an open mind. Your creative and free hand drawing skills do come in handy. But don't be scared if you lack them. Use basic design principles while solving the questions. Again, if you have the time, check out some amazing videos about perspective drawing on =]

  7. Abdul Wase

    @Maria… i jux wanted to ask, wot percentage u got in 1st year dat time when u got selected, n how many total seats are there in SADA???

    i'v given exam n now a bit scared, donno y..!! 🙁

    • I had 2 As  from AS in my pocket at the time(Maths and Physics). You can
      work out the equivalence? :p As for seats, I heard 40 something hein is dafa.
      But the intake was 150 something last year. Which went down to a 70 number of
      students if I am not wrong =]

  8. Aqsa Qamar

    please tell me about percentage distribution,how much it is for entry test and fsc,matric???????????

  9. can anyone tell me how many marks are their for nust entrance test, and what percentage is required for admission in medical section. plz tell me 

      • thnx, but there is no info about seats in medical section, if you know about them then tell, and what about the total marks?

        • No I’m afraid not. I don’t get what you’re saying. Total marks of what? and what medical section? Perhaps the admin is in a better position to answer you?

          • The total marks of ”Nust entrance test”. I have taken this  test recently, Thus inquiring such information. can you tell me the email address of admin? I am guest to this fourm.

  10. Can someone pls tell me if I applied inSADA with SAT and get selected for cognitive test and interview. What should I prepare ? And what should I bring with me ? Pls help thnx. :))

  11. Do you think a SAT-II test score of 2340 is good enough to get into NUST Medical School on national seat. Plz reply

    • Sorry concerned. I have absolutely no idea. Whats the harm in applying though? I’m sure you must have given it a try. I think the international seat is worth giving a shot. But you should ask somebody from the med school :]

  12. i had physics in my o levels but had arts (A) maths (C) and business
    (B) in my A levels
    Both equalised above 65% by the HEC.

    Am i eligible to apply to SADA for architecture in the upcoming 2012 admissions?

  13. Shahrukh Satti

    please somebody tell me what should I take with me for my B.Arch e-test and nature of descriptive test (cognitive and aptitude test).please give details for distribution of questions for each subject.

  14. hey maria,
    could u tell the total no.s of questions that come in the engg and cs entry test?
    please reply asap cz i wud b havin my test on 14 july :~(

  15. hey maria,
    could u tell the total no.s of questions that come in the engg and cs entry test?
    please reply asap cz i wud b havin my test on 14 july 2012 :~(

  16. Hey, i juss gave test of SADA recently ! Went okay, but i wanna ask u how many seats are there for karachi students ?? plss do let me knw 🙂

  17. i have done my F.Sc in pre medical but my percentage is not very good. but i have given SAT exam (maths and physics) and i am expecting really good marks. So can i apply for B.Arch in NUST ? kindly help me.

  18. %ages upto FSc mostly are reflection of retention power, not necessarily intelligence. If you think you have reasonable level of intelligence, like you can normally / mostly pick what others are saying, you can opt for any think you like.

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