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Our Interest VS our Parent’s Desire


While growing up each person develops certain priorities, preferences and interests and as we move through different phases of life those interests get more and more pronounced and we flourish and thrive more in them. Then at a certain stage we have to make a decision of what to pursue further in life, the things which we have a knack for or the things that don’t so much catch our eye but we are still very good at them. This marks the making of our future life and hence is one of the most important decisions of our life. The decision like this shouldn’t be rushed and we must keep in mind the pros and cons of it before making it.

The decision is to be yours, it’s about what you want . It’s not going to be your parents or relatives or friends who make that decision it’s going to be you cause it’s you who’s got a whole life ahead of you so how you want to spend it has to be your choice. Most of the time it is the parents who make these decision for their children and although most of the time the children do abide by their parent’s wishes later on they come to regret it cause they find out later that they are not interested in what they are studying or doing which ultimately results in failure in the particular field and when that happens not only the person’s life takes a bad turn but the parents themselves suffer along and lament their decision of pushing their children into something they didn’t wanted to get into. In such cases both parents and children are at an utter loss of what to do and where to go.

When I was in college I also had many dreams and expectations. I always knew I was rather good at arts so I thought why not do something that I am good at and that makes me happy and helps show my full potential to everyone. I decided that when I was done with college I’ll study literature and do something worthwhile. But what I didn’t account for at the time was the fate’s play in my life. I never thought that I’ll get into an engineering university let alone the very best one of Pakistan, not that I wasn’t talented enough. I was actually an exceptional student, but I just thought I had future in literature. But as it happens the decision that should’ve been mine was made by my parents and I found myself in NUST and study my head off to hold on.

Once I got in and really accepted the fact that this was my life now I realized that engineering wasn’t quite that bad. With time I started to get the hang of how things worked around here and really started to enjoy it. But that was my good luck that I started to like what I was doing despite the fact that I didn’t choose my field in the first place. The life doesn’t work out this way for everyone. Many are not lucky enough like me so why not stand up for what you want before it’s too late. Ofcourse our parents’ desires are to be valued and respected, but if you really know where your talents lie then why not give your parents a piece of your own mind and I am sure they’ll understand you and I think in the long run it’ll be better if you pursue your own choice rather than doing something you despise.

No doubt there’ll be problems, hardships and tribulations along the way but at the end you’ll emerge as a successful person with your head raised high and a smile on your face and you’ll make your parent’s proud, and blissful . Isn’t it all that matters the most after all.
The important thing to bear in mind is that decisions like this are by far the most challenging decisions of life but if u have complete faith in yourself and are confident about yourself they you should be the ones making your own decisions and once you make them then stand by them no matter what.

Don’t get me wrong our parents always have our best interest at their hearts they always want the very best for their children. But sometimes they want their wishes, their desires, and their dreams to be fulfilled through us not that they realize this. So whatever your parents ask you to do give them their fair chance but also do what u think is best for you provided that u know exactly what you are doing. The only thing you’ll have to avoid is confusion and indecision on your part. Then talk to your parents and help them understand what you want to do and assure them that you’ll never fail them and you’ll do your best to exceed beyond their expectations. I am sure they’ll agree to you in the end because all parents love their children and want to see them jubilant and euphoric.

So I wish you all the very best for the future. Remember whatever the future brings you may not like it at first but eventually it’ll turn out to be something great. Mazel tov.

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  1. Khush Bakht
    November 6, 2011 at 8:38 pm #

    It sucks to remind myself once again that I had a future in relativity and quantum mechanics but BSc physics sounded lame to my parents and hence I had to give up on that. But I figured I dont exactly regret it cuz compromises are so inevitable and I realized I sort of developed a connection with Allah mian due to my constant complaints 😛

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