My 1st Semester at NUST

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I took me some time (a week to be precise), to recover from the ragging and getting accustomed to the new environment. Having  ‘spent’ a week in ragging, I now focused towards pressing matters like hostel issues, locomotion and of course, lastly, studies.

I have never been to a hostel, except for one week stay at NSTC. So, now I were to tackle these tiny tiny problems which seemed like a major issue. Luckily, there was a market near my hostel so I was saved from the trouble of making lists for missing things. Keeping the room tidy, not to make an impression on somebody but to be able to find thing, was inevitable. Again luckily, ‘housekeeping’ was good enough and I did not need to do anything.

Its not all troublesome in hostel, I made some very good friends there too. Rather I must remark, these new friendships helped me a lot in all fields.

Locating the bookshops, was one of them. Previously course books and helping material was easily available from any book store but now these engineering textbooks were sticking out like a sore thumb. Our professor helped us and mentioned

“Chick Bazar, Good Book Shop.”

Too busy to pay attention, I did not listen. For which, I paid dearly, later. After two weeks I realized that this is the limit, I must get the books NOW!!!

Locomotion, was the next question. I used to drive a car at my hometown, but here I had no car and to top it, I was not even familiar with the roads so, I followed the suit and hired a cab.

Rest was easy, once I reached ‘Saddar,’ I asked for directions from people passing by  and finally I bought my textbooks. Using the same technique, I returned to hostel by means of local transport. (As you will shortly get to know, how much these cabs can charge, even for shorter distances.)

Opening a bank account,  was what I did not feel doing like (I still do not have one 🙂 ), but you must locate a bank nearby soon.

These were some mundane issues, coming to the studies part now.

It was a big change, from annual to semester system and from absolute to relative grading. Of course, we were given an orientation about the how things were done at college, but you cannot comprehend it all, in a 2 hour lecture. So, there I was, sitting in the class. . .

The subjects taught in 1st semster (or the whole 1st year), are the basic subjects or humanitites. It may differ a bit for other faculties, but in broader context, subjects offered in 1st semester are:

  1. Fundamental Maths (Calculus, Linear Algebra, etc.)
  2. Introduction to Computing.
  3. Background Subjects (Chemistry, Physics, etc.)
  4. Humanities (Islamayat, Pakistan Studies, Communication Skills, etc.)

Before I start lecturing on the subjects, you must keep in mind The Relative Grading System and how often would you be tested. Concept of quizzes, for instance, was new to me. I have always appeared in announced tests, that too, sparingly. But to appear in unannounced tests as much as 1 per week (some teachers can do that), was making me unrest. Not to mention, having mid-term examinations (or two One Hour Tests) and a final examination, all in 4 months.

Now for these courses, it do you no harm to have a strong background, which I had. I used to pile up the daily work and do it on weekend but what I gathered was

Suit yourself!

There are a lot of influencing factors in hostel and on campus too, you just need to stay away from them and bring out your uniqueness.

Clear your doubts right away and take active part in class discussions as it holds true

First impression is last impression.

The changed examination pattern also changed my learning ways. I focused less on rote-learning (or to be truthful, a little less), making notes at a high speed (some teachers deliver lecture at speed greater than speed of light) and having naps in boring classes, last but most important, presentation.

Your assignment is worth double the marks if it is presented properly.

You might actually want to remember it as a beginner’s law.

You must also be very punctual if you want to get those marks in quizzes because most of them are lost due to absence.

I think I did perform exceptionally well because I wasn’t aware of many of the factors, so, if you feel anything is missing, feel free to ask!

Good luck to those who are appearing in the test today! 😉

Muneeb Khan

Previously a pro-active student at campus, I am now thriving as a marketing executive. Other than doing some nerdy stuff at job I also write articles and dispense professional advice. You can drop me a line at my personal e-mail any time: muneeb_ngf [at] yahoo [dot] com

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  1. jazba yousaf

    let me come to nust.its my dream to study at nust plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz let me come plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz jazba yousaf 151209

  2. jazba yousaf

    let me come to nust plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz its my dream plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz let me come i really love nust.. jazba yousaf 151209

  3. jazba yousaf

    main nay suna ha is dafa b nust medical entrance tst ki sari seats bik gai or paper b leak ho it true???????why it happens?it's realy disoppointing……………..

  4. Asad ullah satti(MCE


  5. “The changed examination pattern also changed my learning ways. I focused
    less on rote-learning (or to be truthful, a little less)”

    I want to know if rote learning can earn you more than, lets say, “Comprehensive learning”. And also when does the SEECS and SME semester start?

  6. if medical ki seats bik gae hn to hm students jo nust m any ka soch rhy hn phir hmara kya hoga?????????????asa bilkul nh krna chahye
     able students ko merit py seats milni chahye

  7. Smartboylahori

    heyy muneeb kia hal hay aapka? yar bas yeh  btao ragging main hota kia HAY millitary clgs k hostels main ? aur koiii suggestions do k kia kia laaayen

  8. Awesome!!! hope your other semesters go as great as you mentioned about the first one, Im a freshman too 😀

    INSHAALLAH, hope to do my best.

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