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A Joint Secretary is the executive assistant with role varying with the office is deputed to. However, almost all jobs will involve an element of each of these typical work tasks:

  • Provide administrative support to management of NSS through conducting and organizing administrative duties and activities including receiving and handling information.
  • Prepare and manage correspondence, reports and documents.
  • Manage correspondence and organizes meetings and events.
  • Maintain office space and systems of the society’s officials and maintain schedules and calendars.
  • Arrange and confirm appointments of officials of the society
  • Handle incoming mail and other material and setup and maintain filing systems.
  • Collate information and maintain databases.
  • Communicate verbally and in writing to answer inquiries and provide information.
  • Coordinate the flow of information both internally and externally.


  • Knowledge and experience of relevant software applications like spread sheets, MS word, and database management.
  • Knowledge of administrative procedures and ability of stress tolerance.
  • Proficient in spelling, punctuation, grammar and other English language skills.
  • Excellent in producing correspondence and documents, in information and communication management, in planning, organizing and time management.


  • Joint Secretary (Coordination) – Exec. Asst. to President.
  • Joint Secretary (Establishment) – Exec. Asst. to Secretary.
  • Joint Secretary (Information) – Exec. Asst. to Press Secretary.
  • Joint Secretary (Finance) – Exec. Asst. to Treasurer.

Interested candidates to submit their resume and a page long essay justifying their personality and skills for the said post latest by July 30th, 2011.

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Human Resource Assistant

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