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Importance of Interview for getting into NBS


Interview after the result of entry test for Social Science group, which includes Bachelors in Business Administration, BS Economics, Mass Communication and Bachelors in Public Administration, holds a great importance. All these disciplines are offered at NBS (NUST Business School) which is located in the H-12 Campus Islamabad.

After the announcement of merit list right after the NUST entry test, a selected list of students are sent the interview calls which usually goes up to first 800- 900 students as per previous record. However, this number is tentative and could be changed according to the decision of the authorities.

The weightage given to interview is 15% in the total aggregate and it certainly has the potential to change your merit position upside down, as the merit list of NET does not hold significant difference in the merit positions so a 1% difference after the interview could bring a change in the merit position of 100 or so. My advice to all the new batches is to be prepared well for the interview as the phrase written below holds true for your interview at NBS.

‘First impression is the last impression’

Interview session is just like a product which after manufacturing is marketed to the potential customers so considering that, you make the packaging as much attractive and decent as possible, equip it with all the features that will become a reason to buy it with a list of ingredients that are written on its back. All these essentials make the product authentic, presentable to be sold and later a success in the marketplace.

If this formula is applied to a candidate who has received the interview call then in order to be made presentable he/she be dressed in a decent manner. Many boys wear jeans and come in casual dress which ultimately leaves a bad impression on the interview panel as soon as he/she enters the room. Boys who feel themselves next to Rambo, Tom Cruise or John Abraham with the so called fashionable hair styles also makes themselves a bad choice to be considered. So guys! Try to be dressed and wear only that stuff which is considered decent. The dress which is worn by students at NBS is plain dress pants and dress shirt which gives a corporate and executive look and impresses the interview panel too.
Girls should also prefer to be dressed decently and wear colours that are considered to be formal and give you a corporate look. These could be black, dark blue and brown and this goes for boys as well. Otherwise, simple but a presentable look will also do fine.

Carrying your interview call letter, the copies of your degrees (O Level, A level/ Matric / intermediate) in a folder with you is also very important. However, the interview panel has the record and details of all your grades, merit position etc but to be equipped with all these is imperative and gives the impression of being professional.
Questions could be asked from the candidate related to his/her previous education background, general knowledge e-g Gawdar belongs to which province of Pakistan? Who is the chief minister of Baluchistan? Who is the Governor Sindh? etc. Students who are into changing their fields like pre medical students who want to join BBA or any another Social Science programme are surely asked about the reason for it. Hobbies (Book reading, newspaper reading, magazines, website designing etc), Co Curricular activities and the reason for choosing a particular discipline could also be questioned. Budget 2011 which has been announced recently could also prove to be a nightmare for the interviewees so it is important for the candidates to know what a budget is. Why it is made? What is its importance? What part does it play in the economy of a country? What are the specific changes that have been made in the newly announced budget etc. Information related to this could easily be found online through following link

The most important of all is you being prepared, act confidently and be geared up to answer anything after giving it a first thought in your brain. Sometimes candidates give stupid answers which leads them to ultimate failure when they have to answer the next question. Last but not the least having a complete eight hour sleep, breakfast or lunch (which depends on the time of your interview) is also important so that you will not stutter and your mind works fine  . The final list of the candidates after the interview is announced and it gets updated with time.

All the best!

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    can anyone tell me that what was the last year aggregate for the admission in MBA 2 years program?
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