How NUST Entry Test is different from other Entry Tests?

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Going through this season of taking entry tests for a number of universities will make you go through comparing them as well. Well off course some are top ranking and some are not but at the end you will realize that where ever you got into, things are pretty much the same for how you have been served and what effort you actually made.

Every university takes the entry test to filter the capable students for its new batch. Entry test at NUST is different from other universities because of a number of reasons.

If we talk about competition than the actual number of seats available in the university are far less than the number of applicants so each seat is competed for by more than 100 students (if you divide the number of seats with the number of applicants). Due to strong competition NUST has designed its entry test a bit lengthy and tough which covers four courses at least and the courses vary for the four major kinds of disciplines being offered. So in order to get through this test you need to do a lot of hard work.

NUST takes only one entry during the year i-e the fall semester batch. No entry is admitted in spring session or any other time.

If we focus on the nity grtiees of the entry test at NUST then does not cover Pakistan Studies or Islamic studies which some universities do cover. However, the test pattern is more or less the same as it is MCQ based. The number of MCQ’s you attempt in NUST entry test is large with no negative marking and you get a 0 for not attempting. Some entry tests require you to attempt with a ball pen where as NUST requires the use of 2B pencil in order to fill the answer sheet. Nowadays some universities take tests on computer and some have the NTS test applicability as well where as NUST does not offer this option. The only test applicable at UG level is SAT.

As far as the result is concerned, it is usually announced in a week or two’s time and checking is done quite fairly as the system is machine operated. The final percentage is calculated up to four decimals, and this really gives some strength on part of your luck as well. To be ready for such a challenge you really need to be fresh and active which demands a complete at least eight hour sleep before the test as well as being free of pressure.

After the written test some universities include a 10% to 15% weightage for the interview and this practice holds true for the BBA admissions only at NUST. The merit is decided again after the candidates have been interviewed. Engineering, medicine and Architecture do not include the interview component. After being lucky enough to grt selected at NUST the medical test is taken with far more details as compared to other universities.

Majority of the applicants or candidates feel a lot of pressure when they have to appear for NUST as parents have their expectations tied to their children. But to be honest, getting under the pressure of expectations is not the right thing to have before the test and I believe that in order to give your 100%; one should have a free mind and confidence with full preparation and a strong belief in his or her guts!


Anum Javed

I am currently a student of MBA, specializing in Human Resource Management and a BBA grad with Finance majors from NUST Business School. Colours, a good sense of humor, cooking, gadgets, after rain weather(in summers) and a cup of coffee with an old buddy makes life worth living. Diversity, traditions and eastern values fascinate me!

8 Comments to How NUST Entry Test is different from other Entry Tests?

  1. Asim Ahmed

    A bit far fetched, but what exactly do they do in the medical checkup? I mean, if some had, god-forbid an acute disease then would they not be granted admission?

  2. Anum Javed

    @Asim: Well they take tests like blood, X-ray and Urine. As acute diseases are short term and are expected to end soon then doctors do consider the case (it also differs from doctor to doctor like whether you are getting the check up done from CMH or a private clinic). However, diseases that could be contracted by others from the infested may fall in the category of a serious issue !

  3. junaid israr

    What????……Medical check up??

    Who said after clearing the test u have to go through a medical checkup…..Im sorry but if my memory is correct i didnt have to go through any sort of medical testing….They just ask u to show a stupid medical certificate at the day of orientation which u can easily make from any doctor by giving alil bit of that green paper…..

    • Anum Javed

      It was great to know about the ethical standards and a negative guide to the freshies 😛

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