How I Prepared for NUST Entry Test? [Engineering]

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In Pakistan, every year, after the Independence Day, the most preparations are made for NUST entrance test which they have shortened to NET nowadays. There is no special reason behind the shortening except that it’s a trend to  uniquely identify the entrance test of your university and abbreviations just sound hip. Coming back, NET is the gateway to Pakistan’s best university and has the power to keep students hooked to their books even after the exams the  over.

So let us have a look at the structure of the entrance test. Before that, let me clarify that we will proceed keeping in view the “Engineering and CS” entrance test with a little flavor of the “Business Studies and Social Sciences” test.  Reason, ask anybody “What is NUST?” and 80-90% will tell you that it’s an Engineering university. Moving on, the entrance test is a big, fat booklet and a page with circles that I’m sure everyone has practiced coloring. According to  my memory it lasts for three hours and is composed of four subjects Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. Mathematics being the easiest and Chemistry being impossible to solve but that is my personal assessment. According to masses, the most difficult portion English. But don’t worry about that, you’ll have an opinion of your own after you walk out of that room. The Business Studies test is comparatively simpler and any one of you not busy staring at the opposite sex provided that s/he has sufficient common sense should be able to get through easily. That’s the gist of it. More details are here.

In a Nustian’s list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) one question has remained at the top of the list since ages, “how did you prepare for the test?” Frankly, for me this question indicates lack of self-confidence. So don’t ask me this question after studying the same course books as I did, I won’t be much help because my methodology of preparation was to trust in what I know and revise tidbits from the curriculum.

Now let’s go through the pre-entrance test period in a bit detail. By the time your exams conclude, a publicity war between the academies is well underway. You see publicity material everywhere; Glued to the walls, sandwiched  between your wiper and windscreen and in the form of pamphlets that someone hands to you in market places. By taking a brief glance at some of those pamphlets, I have established two things. One, that every academy apparently  guarantees you a place in a university of your choice. All you have to do is get enrolled. Second, all universities have a position holder in the entrance test of almost every university for the preceding year. But it’s the big boys like  Zawiya and KIPS that do the most business. Another interesting fact is that the lesser the time you have, the more expensive these academies get. This year, KIPS set the enrollment fee to be Rs. 16,000 for their FAST, UET, NUST and  GIKI program which they call FUNG. But of course they call this NUST enrollment fee. In addition to that, they give books and handouts to prepare from as well. But all this argument is no use as I am sure most of us did join an  academy and are well aware of all this. I know the stats because my sister is appearing for NET this year and she went to KIPS after an extensive research on which academies are most promising.

Why does there have to be an entry test? Naturally, a question came to my mind that if these F.Sc. marks will stand for nothing in the merit list, why I am ruining my nights staring at books. I bet all of the high-scorers who don’t make it to NUST this year will be thinking the exact same thing. But the answer to this will only be uncovered by those who actually make it to NUST and two words sum it adequately, “Aptitude Assessment”. We are all subject to a very slow paced and less competitive environment for the initial twelve years of our education. Stepping into a university changes all that. A student experiences drastic changes as he is exposed to a highly competitive and rigorous learning environment. The entry test is a means to assess whether a student can survive that change and exist in that environment or not. I think that most of us would agree that the entrance test is a very powerful tool in an institution’s belt to maintain the standard of their graduates and the university reputation. Which is why, clearing NET has become a matter of pride. Secondly, if there was no entry test, where would people with 75% marks like me go? Because of the test, Pakistan’s top university gives us an almost equal chance to contest for a seat in the institution unlike some other universities. Yes, UET, I’m talking about you.

My verdict, based on my experience is that this whole entrance test procedure is overrated. Waking up at 7 in the morning, going to our respective academies, sitting continuously through the five hour classes and then, coming back to the same old books and start going through them again. Sleeping at the time you should be playing and revising at the time you should be hanging out with your friends, unfair isn’t it. Academies are not worth all that money. Buy a phone.

But we’re talking about your future here and the more seriously you take it the better. If you join an academy, make the most out of it and rather than bunking it, pay attention. You can go through all sorts of preparation material, but if your mind stops working when you are in the hot seat, nothing will be of any use. I know there is too much hype about NET but at the end of the day, the one who controls his nerves the best, takes it. Be confident, think and don’t jump to conclusions because they will mostly be “I don’t know the answer to this one”. Look nowhere, everything you need to know is in your F.Sc. course books. Get adequate sleep, fresh minds work better. And pray that it’s not one of your bad days. That is how I did it.


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  1. i m the student of fsc and m living in lahore. i was one of the best students of my school but now i feel like i am the dumbest one! All my expectations are down to zero. when my family says that i wont be having any problem just because i was the good student, i get scared! not that i dont trust myself but what scares me and what makes me cry is the fact that i KNOW THAT IM TALENTED! but still have to face rejections. i jsut feel i have wasted my 12 years of life just cramming the books. nobody ever told me or guided me! its not my fault! or anyother student like me because we had been trained to do so for the past 12 years! i dont know why people expect that we should have commands over our concepts? why? dont they know what we have gone through for the past 12 years? i dont think that im so called "VERY SMART" student! but i have wokrd really hard through out my life. but its of no use anyway!. i dont know why people expect that we should clear our concepts in just 3,4 months.HOW? i spent 12 years wasting my time on the books! just because i was trained to do se! im totally broken to pieces. its like there is a long road and i have no idea where to go! i have been very confident outspoken girl, but now i have become one of those who have inferiority complex!. Please pray for me as i pray for every student going thrigh this phase as im.

    • muhammad adeel

      Look: wajeeha. you know one, the one who holds all the matter and in fact holds them supremely. There is no fault in HIS decision, If he had block one way way for you which I believe better for you,than HE will open another path for you.hope for the best and keep Ur faith firm on that saying that a man can get nothing but that thing for which he did his struggle REGARDS Muhammad adeel

    • dont be hope i am also like u i gave u some idea but amal karna jo kuch may kahta ho.exam feaer aik indian wabsite hain uss par hamari fsc ist and 2nd kai tamam kai tamam topic videos hain for example math biology chemistry physics.plese see these videos i make sure that your concept about these subject will be come search this wabsite and enjoy to watching exam fear

  2. Time spent on books is always time well spent. There is still hope Wajeeha, never give up! You are just going through a rough phase, it'll pass. Keep the faith =]

  3. Aim Abro

    Never give up ….!!

    keep in mind :

    " ALLAH made you with sum purpos cos He does nt create Garbage "

    Well….Em da biggest CraMer Ov em AWL………..

  4. menina morena

    Thoughtful and helpful post but I agree with wajeeha. Why don't we just assess students the way they have been taught? Setting them free to fill sheets with anything that comes to them and then tying them to to choose any of the ONLY four options? But no objections since the people up there are fond of taking haphazard steps, first building the rooftop and then laying the foundation…rooftop being the ENTRANCE TESTS and foundation being this new APSAC System following the Beacon house School System. Designless though but they did it. Hopefully students of future will be confident enough to believe in their knowledge and just do it without any thoughts like wajeeha has.

  5. @ Wajeeha,

    You should never feel that you wasted your time or the time you spent on going through your books will not be of any use. Remember, it's always worthy to adopt or learn the habit of giving ample time to your books, not only conceptual understanding, but your rote-memorization will work. In many universities students secure a high GPA through this way. Here I'm not totally favouring the idea of rote-memorization as I profoundly believe that conceptual understanding has a SUPERB reward.

    Please don't try to rant and rave in dismay, rather use this very time in a good way, you can adopt the other way of learning when you get into university. Frustration, rejection and difficulty come in lives of many people but giving up is NOT an option. Please go through these two links if you want

    All the best for your upcoming endeavours.

  6. I know it's late but if any junior ( who will appear next year and so on) is reading these articles, I suggest you to appear for NTS before these entry tests. it is very easy and you actually get a high percentile and it helps your confidence 🙂

  7. and wajeeha …. dont worry entry tests dont really require "smart" concepts :p if you know the fsc physics and maths you can ace the nust test

  8. umer farooq

    well the same problem is with many many students…infact i also had…but the thing that made myself away from the test phobia was actually to have more and more entrance examinations… and that thing will made your mind boost…the important thing is not to blush during the test…just think that YE TO MERA BAIN HATH KA KAM HA….the main advantage in nust test is that it has no negative marking….i as a student advice my all young fellows that ALLAH has made alot of scope in infinite fields…nd to just think KA YE ZINDAGE OR MOOT KA MAMLA HA…that is wrong…well tomorrow is my nust test INSHALLAH…nd pray for me..

  9. i mean after doing intermediate with computer sciences,,…what are entrance test books to be studied? plz guide me…have i to study dogar sons? or what are entrance test mcq’s book for CS mcq’s??? because mathematics’physics and english aur computer science msqs are there 4 ics students inorder to get in nust…so tell me some ics entry books?from where to buy?

  10. i just agree with all your comments but the basic or the most imp thng is the tactics where can i just get these . i am sure that they r nt given in the text book.plz if any one can guide me only 5 months remaining for my net

  11. Second To None

    fellow siblings !! you only live once !! dont waste your time on thinking how to be the best !! just be all you can be !! i got 400 position out of 25000 n NUST entrance test !! and i never opened my books after the examination !! be cool and never freeze !! just read your text books , smoke and enjoy the rest of the days !! i would have been in MCS if i didn’t join Pakistan Air Force !! just take a shot and hope for the best !! i pray and hope for the well being of my fellow countrymen !! may Allah help us all !!

  12. guyz im an average student..and im trying my level best for the entrance in nust>.. can some one plzz guide me . which book is best for the preparation .. and which centre will guide me best !!! and achieve my motive!!! plzzzz!! if u can guide me !!! plz contact me on facebook!!! aneeque zubair

  13. a.o.a… looks odd to say something good for me about studies. every day and in every prayer a threat occurs in my mind that shall i be able to make through nust .e.test…my concepts are enough to support me to strive better for test…but still i m lacking something which i dont know. i have given lums sse….i was fully prepared but still i was not able to complete my maths section….sometimes i observe other students that they are having very strong concepts.and thats the moment i lost my confidence

  14. umm e rumaisa

    you must give the particular syllabus with deductive topics so we can easily study all the course.Give detail and brief topics .thanks

  15. yar im not able 2 concentrate on my studies.plzzzzzz help. i almost lose my all confidence.

  16. as the test gets near i m soo getting worried , cant even think of what changes are produced :(… literally crying condition.. ever1 says laiq bnde ho admission ho jae ga but no 1 understands 🙁 i was good a week b4 but got depressed after fast examm .. it really ruined me.. people plzz pray for me..

  17. i dont thnk kuch b imposibl hai…evrythng is possibl cz wrd imposibl sayx i m posibl n ALLAH paak say dua karo sb behtar o jata ai….net say b prep ho jati hai..:)$$$….

  18. Well, Don’t Worry..Any Of You, When I finished my board exams (from abbottabad board) I was so worried about test and brooded which acadmies to join, Test phobia made my confidence to zero, I went to two or three local acadmies for 10 or 12 day, after that I shunned them. They cannot turn a stone in to diamond..I had studied 12 yrs of my life running after concepts, I usaully got less marks in my board exams. But I had concept.. Some of my friends went to KIPS, Other to zawiya, etc.. but I stayed at home and Topped the NUST test. iN engineering, SO in my words if you have used your FSC years wisely, no need to join any acadmy, JUST buy some Good MCQ books and practice MCQs…Best OF luck

  19. Well i am totally agree with Hashim just concentrate on your fsc books and be focus and i am the student of giki but in 2013 i am going to appear in nust entrance and i am not going to join any academy and i think we should focused on our fsc books and nothing else and dont be scared

  20. only 2 things can make u a successful person .pray and ur luckkkkkk………..nothingels…………all the good wishes

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