Grading System at NUST

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Student A: I have got 67 marks but still i got B+ Grade in that subject! Oh Yeah… I Rock

Student B: I have got 87 marks in the other subject but got B Grade….WTH!, It Suckx

This is all it happens out in NUST, and what we call it is RELATIVE GRADING. It might be new for most of the fellows joining NUST even i didn’t get it for the first time ;-). Rather you are joining any School at NUST except SADA (School of Architecture & Design Arts) the very same policy applies on you.

Its just like ruining you from all over or helping you out from a very little. Selecting the Cream of Nation at NUST, the NUST requires to carry on polishing the abilities of YOU people, which makes you distinguish from other Universities students. And when there is a true a lot competitors in your class than that definitely means that you work even harder than hard. The Relative marking is unique in sense that it is for sure that if the exams of your semester are easy than everybody is scoring well and for that case you can’t accept a blunder with yourself, because a least mistake by you would lead you go very down in the final Grade. If every body is scoring well than the grading policy automatically tightens up!. In simple words if there is planned to give five A Grades in class than to strive for it in an ordinary or easy paper you will have to work double hard, the top scoring students would get A Grades and than the rest starts with B+ and goes till F Grade even.

So the Question is where does Relative grading help me or could be even worse for me!

If they people (Admin of NUST) expects you to put your whole effort to attain a good grade than they people also give you relieve in case the paper is tough! If the paper is easy everybody would score well in it, than even if you are 80 marks plus you can’t score A grade in it. Because the students above you attaining A grades are may be at 98 to 95 scores and it would be definitely possible that A grade closes at 95 than B+ grades are started. As the grades are coming down there span increases like for instance if five A grades are allotted the class than it is obvious that 10 B+ would be atleast allotted. So you could come in B+ range or may b even B if the saturation of students below A and above your score is more. So in this case Relative Marking definitely Sucks.

But on the other hand if the paper comes out to be tough and it is necessary that all the students performed average or so in it than it could be helpful, like if the A grade ranges closes at 80 or 70 than you could even get B+ at 60 scores and B even at 55 Scores.

So its All the Game of luck, but of-course you have to work hard because the good grades scorers are also among you and they don’t need any reason to score the best!  So cheer up! be one of them — All the Best! 🙂

Hasan Shahid

Inspired by the Civil Engineering work i took up the profession of being a Civil Engineer . Right now i am in my 3rd year studying at NUST H-12 SCEE (NICE). Hopeful for the future i came for and have urging potential to do well in life.

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  1. Bro i want to know one more thing, that is about GPA, Whats the seen of  GPA at NUST and tell me do these grades effect the GPA of the students??

  2. But this system creates a sense of selfishness among students class learning become the race of grades no cooperation for knowledge!

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