7:20 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

EME NUST and National ICT R&D Fund jointly organizing ICT-COMPPEC


In continuation of our previous posting on IrNustian about COMPPEC here are some more details of the event. For registrations, detailed plan of events and followup visit COMPPEC website. All NUSTians are welcome to attend the event to learn interesting ideas and new concepts!

COMPPEC has traditionally been an Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Sciences projects exhibition and competition. This year the NUST College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (EME) is holding 10th of its series. Only last year around 135 projects where exhibited from 40 different universities and colleges around Pakistan. This annual ICT festival is growing every year attracting more universities and students with relevant projects.

This year while maintaining its traditional fervor of competition alive the College has extended its scope to add more objectivity in its holding. The College is collaborating with National ICT R&D Fund to focus on our shared vision of promoting and nurturing projects that would have the potentials of generating knowledge based economy for Pakistan.

With this relevance in perspective the event is tagged as ICT-COMPPEC, a new name that sounds more relevant to its new vision and objective. Along with evaluating projects in five different categories, the event also adds the following:


1.       The projects will also be evaluated for their potential for research funding. A post event report will be published and made available to relevant participating organizations, universities and institutions. The report will list selected projects with judges’ feedback and suggestions for improvement*.

2.       The National ICT R&D Fund and the College plan to conduct a workshop on effective proposal writing. The workshop will cover all the ingredients of good proposal writing for acquiring national and international research funding.

3.       The event also plans to hold a panel discussion.  The panelists will share their experiences of writing proposals and conducting funded research.

4.       Few keynote addresses are also in plan to guide students, faculty members, researchers and developers on emerging technologies.

5.       The event maintains the key category of Innovative Research primarily for Ms and PhD students to present their research work.

We would urge administration of all universities, institutions and other organizations in Pakistan to send their representative students, faculty members and developers in this mega event. Let us try to build a strong, vibrant and progressive ICT community in Pakistan that cooperate and collaborate with each other to strengthen R&D culture in Pakistan and help in bringing our country on road to progress and prosperity.


Dr Shoab A Khan

Chief Organizer ICT-COMPPEC

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