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The maiden issue of much awaited “The NUSTIAN” – Literary Magazine of National University of Sciences and Technology has been published under the auspices of NUST Publications Office, learnt the author. The first edition includes bilingual articles and essays on a diverse topics and features surveys and student artwork. “Higher Education Institutions are distinguished by the spirit of innovation and inquiry. It is essentially an urge for creation and expression which takes many different forms and one such manifestation is literary exposition…. We find their glimpses in the activities of various clubs and societies, and newsletters published by the schools and colleges,” wrote the Patron of The NUSTIAN, Engr. Muhammad Asghar, Rector NUST in preface.

The maiden issue bears the freshness and fragrance of budding flower and a promise of a full-bloom blossom in the making. A healthy blend of research-based articles, absorbing narratives, imaginative write-ups and deeply felt poems will be a waiting their target audience, he further added.

Expression is the scale of liveliness that drives our soles. Aimed to be nurtured through this forum, The NUSTIAN promises an opportunity to reflect, respond and re-emerge your thoughts and ideas. The 344 pages issue would soon be available in libraries of all constituent schools and colleges and NUST Fiction Library at  Student Centre (H-12 Campus).

The maiden issues comprises of following sub sections:


  • گوشہ رحمت

  • گوشہ آزادی

  • گوشہ قیادت

  • گوشہ وطن

  • گوشہ ادب

  • گوشہ علم

  • گوشہ تحقیق

  • گوشہ خیال

  • گوشہ داستاں

  • گوشہ ظرافت

  • گوشہ نسٹیات


  • Of Faith and the Faithful
  • Of Land and Leadership
  • Of Reasons and Reflections
  • Of Life and Leisure
  • Of History and Travelogues
  • Of Things and Thetas
  • Of Books and Progress
  • On the Wings of Poesy
Student Editors:

Urdu Section:

  • Nawaid Anjum (College of E&ME)
  • Osama Hasan (SCME) and
  • Haseeb Latif (SEECS)

English Section:

  • Tahawur Abbas Khaleeq (AM College)
  • Syed Farjad Zaheer (SEECS) and
  • Samar Min Allah (SCEE)


Osama is a junior ChemE at School of Chemical and Materials Engineering (SCME), NUST. He finds enthusiasm, dedication and hard work as his friends in his journey as a life-long learner. Aimed for a change in his surroundings, his interests lies in research, education, management, literature and blogging. He could be reached at

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