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NUST Science Society is the brainchild of innovative individuals who felt the need to create a platform to indulge the interests of scientifically talented students. Since its inception, it has organized events and activities aimed at nurturing budding interests in all fields of science; including, but not limited to, astrophysics, bioengineering, aeronautics, etc. Our mission is to instigate science in an entertaining manner, to promote interest and to allow young scientists to come out and embrace their potential. We at NSS believe in inspiration, creativity and innovation. We believe in creating opportunities.

Following this mission, we are holding Sytek ’11, an Intra NUST Science Olympiad (including Military Colleges, even PNEC) from 6th to 9th May, 2011. Sytek with its aim to motivate the students to develop perspectives and ideas of applications of basic science principles in varied dimensions through different challenges in limited time is a regular segment of Science Society event list. Sytek will also be a platform for NUST students for inter-disciplinary interaction, coordination and learning process. The major events include:

  • Science Quiz
  • Sytrek
  • Life-Detector
  • Project Exhibition
  • Project: Extraterrestrial
  • Bon Voyage
  • In the Sky
  • Sciattack
  • Bridge your innovation
  • Battle Arcade

You may register online (click here) or to any of our registration team member in H-12 campus. Registration fee are as under:

Registration Fee & Discount Packages:

  • Single Event participation =   Rs. 250/-
  • Two Events participation =     Rs. 450/-
  • Three Events participation =   Rs. 650/-
  • Four Events participation =    Rs. 800/-
  • Five Events participation =     Rs. 1,000/-


Science Quiz

Shout out to all brainiacs out there! Yes! All of us are “brainiacs” in one way or the other. But it is the battle field which brings out the best of the warrior within you. SYTEK’11 will unleash the skills you possess and will bring out the genius within you. If you have ever wanted embarrass your science teacher for his wrong explanation or gotten into a war of words with your classmates over scientific theories, then we have set the stage for you. Compete with the geniuses from all corners of Pakistan. Put your knowledge of science to test, challenge your abilities and conquer! Err… But first get yourself registered.

For more Details, please refer to our webpage.
Event Head
Waqar Ahmad Aqeel


Get ready to get puzzled! If you love crosswords or are mostly found musing over Sudoku, this is your place to shine. Each team will be given the chance to prove their brainpower in 2 rounds. Critical thinking, mathematical skills and knowledge about science will all come in handy, so don’t forget to bring them with you! Prove your mettle as a logical thinker and apply all the science you know by solving some troublesome ‘problems’ for us.

For more Details, please refer to our webpage.
Muhammad Taha
Event Head


What’s your aptitude as a naturalist? You don’t have to be a wildlife photographer to know about biodiversity. Running after wildlife around H-12 and identifying it would fit the bill. No we’re not talking about chasing NUSTians and your friends’ names would definitely not do! Participants would be required to photograph the diverse flora and fauna found within the H-12 campus and name it correctly. Do you qualify to be called a nature lover? Register to find out…

For more Details, please refer to our webpage.
Anum Farhan and Saba Safdar
Event Head
Director Academic Events, Haseeb Shaikh

Project Exhibition

If you have a top secret laboratory in your cellar, we would be delighted to display your latest invention to the technological world out there. Other than Dexter’s and Jimmy Neutrons, all creative and innovative students with fresh ideas related to any field of science are welcome. Working models, research-based models and theory-based models will be featured according to the category of science they belong to. Participants would be given the chance to present their ground-breaking ideas during the given time period. May the best idea win!

For more Details, please refer to our webpage.
Event Head
Taibah Jaffery
Director Academic Events, Haseeb Shaikh

Project Exodus

How often do you wonder about the Great Unknown? The possibility that we might inhabit the moon one day and play on Jupiter’s rings? Never? Then open up your mind and show us what it could be like. Put your thinking caps on, tell us how you think we can do without oxygen and gravity, surprise us into submission. Participants will compete to produce the most feasible space settlement options. If you think you can give us viable future housing options, we shall hail you as our saviour.

For more Details, please refer to our webpage.
Event Heads
Asad Muhammad Butt and Baneen Zafar


One version of it is a toy, another version of it was a war machine – what will your version be? Participants would be required to use their creativity, scientific knowledge and (most of all) common sense to create a stone throwing device by using some basic material. The teams will have to complete this ‘machine of destruction’ in the given time; after all, war cannot wait! All those evil scientists and future weapons analysts out there register now!

For more Details, please refer to our webpage.
Event Head
Abdul Hannan Mughal


Bon Voyage

Have you ever pictured yourself towing your own boat out into the deep blue sea? Many people have fancied these thoughts after watching the epic blockbuster with the likes of “The Crimson Tide” or “Das Boot” or even “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Well, if you think that you belong to that clan of people then at SYTEK’11 we provide you the opportunity to design and captain your own boat. We guarantee you that you’re going to have the ultimate maritime experience at NUST H-12 Campus. Many sailors have already set sailing. What are you waiting for? Get yourself registered!

For more Details, please refer to our webpage.
Director Academic Events
Husnain Arshad

In the sky

Ever wanted to feel what the Wright Brothers felt? We are giving you the chance to find out!

Participants would be required to design and create an actual flying machine (that would preferably be self-powered and propelled into flight by a rubber-band mechanism) in the given time-span. Any student from NUST can participate in the event since no special engineering skills are required; only common sense (let’s see how common this sense is) and a little technical hand. The teams will be judged on the performance of their ‘flying machines’. Register immediately and start practicing. The sky awaits you.

For more Details, please refer to our webpage.
Event Head
Owais Moinuddin

Bridge Your Innovation

Remember those wooden planks you used to cross over that small hole in your garden? Or jumping from stone to stone to cross a small river? All the time worrying you would fall over? Now is the time to make up for those flimsy bridges of your childhood. Participants will compete to prove what the bridges of tomorrow will be. Gather up all those discarded ice-cream sticks and show us what you’ve got.

For more Details, please refer to our webpage.

Director Academic Events
Husnain Arshad


Battle Arcade

Love your computer more than you love any flesh-and-blood human? Owe it all the good times you have had? Do you follow FIFA, DOTA and Counterstrike with a religious fervour? Then we might just have a challenge for you. If you think you have the skills and the drive to engage in a battle of instantaneous strategy-making and on-your-feet thinking, register for E-Gaming. Compete with other NUST gamers to show us who the fittest are in this struggle for survival.

For more Details, please refer to our webpage.

Event Head
Syed Haider Raza (CS, FIFA)
Faisal Mehmood (DOTA)


Sytek too science-y for you? Beginning to look too much like a geek-fest? Not too excited by the prospect of nail-biting competition? The Sytek team has not worked around the clock just to have you turn away in the end. For the fun-seeking and the party-loving, we bring you Carnivale – a celebration of our hardcore play-amidst-work ways. Join us as we gorge on scrumptious food, groove to hip music and release the pent-up exhaustion of the day. This is a carnival you just can NOT miss!



For Registration and fee submission inquiries CAMP / NCVI / RCMS Saba HaqHafsah Akhtar 0334-59101700323-5423567
IESE / SADA Zul Qarnain Kazmi 0342-5303220
IGIS / RIMMS Abdul Moiz Sohail 0324-5255852
SCEE Arslan Mehmood 

Saaqib Malik

Qandeel Hussain




SCME Minaam WilliamShauzab Raza 0333-50088330333-5396010
SEECS / NBS Wajahatullah Khan 

Saad Akbar

Rafay Aleem

Faraz Khan





SMME Hammad Burney 0345-3777865
For event details and queries Director Public Relations Saad Akbar 0333-5298790
Hafsah Akhtar 0323-5423567



10am 11am 12am 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm 6pm 7pm 8pm



May 6







May 7

Bon Voyage







Life Detector Project Exhibition

Battle Arcade


May 8

Bridge Your Innovation

In the Sky

Science Quiz

Project Exodus


May 9

Closing Ceremony

+ Hi-Tea

Movie Screening


Osama is a junior ChemE at School of Chemical and Materials Engineering (SCME), NUST. He finds enthusiasm, dedication and hard work as his friends in his journey as a life-long learner. Aimed for a change in his surroundings, his interests lies in research, education, management, literature and blogging. He could be reached at

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  1. Whats the last date for registration?

    To whom should we pay the registration fee if we study in EME… no person from EME is mentioned above?

  2. I just want to come as a visitor ,do i have to register as well?They ask the competition to register at the site…But i don't want to enter a competition,want to just be a spectator

  3. actually rida u dont have to just say on the gate tht i have come for admission theyll allow u in then u can see it:P

  4. Clorinda Mccallough

    Ever since I found your blog, I have loved your posts. Now that I realize you are a fellow UCF alum, I love them even more. You two are doing amazing things. Such wisdom. Keep it up!

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