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Comedy in verse


By Ali Suleman
Originally published in The News

Photo Credits: Usman Nasir and Zeyshan Tariq

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NUST Literary Circle organizes All Pakistan Mazahiya Mushaira in H-12 campus

The spiced-up lines of poetry along with the sarcastic tone of the poets infused joy amongst youngsters here at the NUST H-12 campus, rejuvenated their lost smiles and made it hard for them to stop laughing for even a moment.

A huge number of students enjoyed the humorous poetry during the All Pakistan Mazahiya Mushaira organized here on Monday at the National University of Sciences and Technology.

Famous Urdu/Punjabi poets from all over the country participated in the event and greatly entertained the students with their beautifully expressed humorous verses. Young boys and girls continuously lauded the poets. The featured guests included the best comedy Urdu poets alive, the likes of Anwar Masood, Sarfaraz Shahid, Dr. Inam-ul-Haq Javed, Khalid Masood, Prof. Dr. Tuaha Khan, Zahid Fakhri, Dr. Saeed Iqbal Saadi, Saleem Akhtar and Aisha Masood Malik. These poets adorned the canvas of the All Pakistan Mazahya Mushaira with their wit. It is interesting to note that three of the poets are recipients of the Pride of Performance Award.

NUST Literary Circle was the organizer of this mushaira. Students Syed Waqar Haider, Muneeb Imran, Madiha Arshad, Zain-ul-Abideen, Abdul Mughees Khan, Zaid Ashraf, Ammad Ali, Usman Nasir, Zeyshan Tariq, Ahmad Abul Rauf, Asjad Naeem, Mamoon Asif and many more contributed enthusiastically to make the event possible.

Speaking after the Mushaira, Osama Hasan, President of the NUST Literary Circle said that NUST has a tradition of organizing such events in order to provide a breather to the students from their tough academic routine.

“Organizing a Mushaira in a science and technology institute reflects the importance of the social sciences and literature in our lives”, he said.

“The university infuses the spirit of an active citizen and a life-long learner into its students through such initiatives,” he further added. “We aim to produce dynamic professionals with balanced interests in culture and other areas of life,” shared Dr. Asghari Maqsood, faculty advisor of NUST Literary Circle.

The audience applauded the effort of the NUST Literary club for thier efforts in organizing the All Pakistan Mazahiya Mushaira on their campus and expected their administration to continue holding such events in future. “It was the most enjoyable event that I have ever attended during my life,” said a student, Madiha Rashid.

The students were of the view that such events are not only a source of amusement but also familiarizes them with the new trends in poetry. Another student, Usama Malik said that the idea of a humorous mushaira first sounded funny in itself, but now his views in this regard have altered altogether after attending the Mushaira. “It was so funny that I was unable to take a breath while laughing continuously!” he said.

Given the strong response of the Monday’s event, NLC is planning to continue holding such healthy events in order to promote literary awareness among the otherwise rather unaware engineering students, in addition to providing them a chance to bring change in their busy routine.

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  1. Ahmad Abdul Rauf
    April 4, 2011 at 12:02 am #

    What an event it was…

    Anwar Masood == Legendary!!

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    April 4, 2011 at 9:37 pm #

    i missed it 🙁

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