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Time is Life


Indeed we all agree time is life and that was the reason I decided to attend the weekly lecture on 29th March 2011. My class fellows, however, have second thoughts about it and decided that it’s not worth it. This week we had a guest speaker from C3A, NUST; Mrs. Naila Sadiq. She has a background in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences. Apart from being a visiting faculty member she has also been appearing at PT, TV, FM89. She presented an interactive lecture-cum-discussion on “Time Management.”

She started by asking the audiences to make a time line of their life and from these time lines she elaborated the fact that in-spite of having equal time we complete different amount of work. She further expanded the concept of ‘Instant Vs Delayed Gratification’ by a related example of having an impulse to watch a cricket match while you still have an assignment to do.  She also commented on our habit of procrastination and presented the following flow diagram, to depict our behavior,

and emphasized that we are not meant to become fire-fighters instead we need to utilize time effecitively. For this she presented 7 principles of Creative Time Management:

  1. Be Active, Not Reactive.
  2. Set Short and Long-term Goals.
  3. Prioritize Your Actions.
  4. Keep Your Focus.
  5. Create Realistic Deadlines.
  6. Balance Your Life.
  7. DO-IT-NOW!

Last but not least, she highlighted the importance of motivation and the correct type of motivation, that is intrinsic motivation.

When the lecture was finished, I was left with a feeling that it was ‘worth-while’ to attend it.

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2 Responses to “Time is Life

  1. Striving.Mominah
    April 3, 2011 at 3:24 am #

    It must have been some lecture.Most of us read the same stuff all the time. Many speakers elaborate the thing with same logics but what matters is the fact that how we take it. Humans are like different kinds of sand. When it rains, one kind of sand absorbs it in and become fertile. The other absorbs some while some water stands on the ground. Another kind is stubborn and doesn't let the water to seep in keeping the water at bay, thus not only creating a marsh but also spreading smell all over the place. All that matters is the kind of sand we want to become!

  2. Muneeb Khan
    April 4, 2011 at 9:34 pm #

    @ striving

    This point was discussed in the question answer session.

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