NUST Entry Test 2011 [update]

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NUST Entrance test for Undergraduate program – year 2011 is tentatively scheduled on 16,17 July 2011. Online applications on the official website of NUST will be available on the last week of March.

Other details regarding the same would be updated on the site shortly.

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    • Muneeb Khan

      @ Rafi Ullah
      You seem to be confusing Gentlemen Cadets Seats as Scholarship seats.
      Gentlemen Cadets enter NUST through a separate procedure, for which they require ISSB.
      Gentlemen cadets also have a quota of their own in NUST.

      NUST Students enter NUST through NET and would get scholarship based on their performance in every semester.
      NUST students also have reserved number of their seats.

      I hope its clear now!

  1. Jahangir

    if someone have a full length NUST Last Year Entry Test for Engineering then kindly share it for guidance.

  2. Plz tellme how can i prepare for congigative and apptitude for Architecture NUST ?
    No idea of this

    • Muneeb Khan

      Its a practical ability test. Some sample questions are:
      1. You are provided with 4 colored sheets, make a pattern out of them.
      2. Observe the given things and draw them using straight lines (Don’t use ruler)
      etc, etc.

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