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On 9th March 2011, the regular announcement was made at MCS to attend the weekly seminar. Little did anybody knew at that time, what the seminar was about. Dr Naveed Rao of MCS introduced the seminar with this stave of Akbar Illahabadi:
Kha double-roati, clerki kr, khushi se phool ja

Lamenting on the trend of finding ‘easy way out’ in market, he presented to us NUST Business Plan Competition named as DISCOVER. To uncover the details of DISCOVER ,two guest speakers were invited.
Dr Qasim Shiekh, CEO of ICT fund threw light on the need of our country and what the nation expected of its fresh engineers. He pleaded that we must not put a stop to our projects just after their first success, rather we must take them to highest possible level. For instance, he quoted the case of skype; a project started earlier in Pakistan, but abandoned after lab-level success. Dr Qasim also shared the idea of ‘NUST Innopedia’ ; an encyclopedia of ideas.
Mr. Tahir Chaudhary,  Chief Executive Officer Falcon Engineering, then highlighted the different steps involved in DISCOVER. He motivated students to get their ideas registered and change their approach towards job, instead of job-seekers we must be job-producers.
This short but inspiring seminar left Singalianz in deep thoughts about DISCOVER! Lets hope they will come up with some bright ideas.
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  1. baber fayyaz
    March 12, 2011 at 8:16 pm #


    sir i need little help about the schedule for discover business ideas.i shall be thankfull to u if u send me the proper link for that…


    baber fayyaz

  2. Muneeb Khan
    March 12, 2011 at 8:49 pm #


    i hope you already get yourself registered.

    here is the link to schedule:

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