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NUST- I need answers…


Almost six months have passed since I became a distinguished student of NUST, perhaps the best university in Pakistan. I was admitted to LUMS, but I preferred NUST over it and now I think about that decision and wonder whether it was right or wrong.

The ability of the instructor to interact with the students is far more important than the qualifications and degrees. I personally, would prefer a Bachelors Teacher who understands me better than a Post Doctorate who rants about god-knows-what.

This however does not mean that we do not need qualified teachers; we do in fact need such teachers which have good qualifications and a decent experience.

I see NUST quite far away from concept-based learning.  If not all then most of the examinations are from the book directly and test a student’s memory rather than the concept grasped. This became evident from the day I gave the NUST entry test; most of the questions were ‘ratta-type’.

Most of the instructors go for ‘how’ rather than ‘why’.  Creative thinking is generally discouraged as is the use of interactive ideas for teaching.

The most important flaw in the NUST admission process is the merit based selection. It’s like being a part of a lucky draw, you know little about which school you will eventually land in. I don’t see any reason for this type of admission; we have examples of numerous universities both higher/lower in rank then NUST which admit students in the discipline they apply to.

I wonder where are those vibrant glowing faces, featured in NUST’s website. All I see in my college are uniformed robots.

  • Why do we have to take permission to play football everyday? My school was more liberal than that.
  • Why don’t our A/Cs work in the summer?
  • Why are we hauled in seminars and conferences to fill in the spaces for ‘the real audience’?
  • Why do we have to go to the college hostel to play when we have grounds in the college itself?
  • Why is our collaboration with foreign universities limited to paper-work and MoUs, rather than real exchange and interaction?
  • Why does my examination hall look as though Lord Mountbatten gave his bachelor’s exams here too?
  • Why don’t we have undergrad research groups here when most the ‘top 300’ universities do?
  • Why can’t we choose our own elective subjects?
  • Why should I do my assignment and quizzes honestly, when I know most of my classmates will copy and get better marks?
  • Why isn’t NUST offering BS Physics?
  • Why don’t we have the original NUST ID cards yet?
  • Why aren’t the NUST students in military colleges shifted to the main campus in H12?

I have a long way to go, and I want the promise that NUST made to me, be fulfilled.

But I still think that  I made the right decision when I ditched LUMS =P

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33 Responses to “NUST- I need answers…

  1. Muneeb Khan
    February 25, 2011 at 11:02 pm #

    @ hassan

    see you then. BTW can you bring Shehryar along too?

  2. Hassan
    February 26, 2011 at 5:02 am #

    sure sir!

  3. Yaseen fazal
    August 21, 2011 at 5:17 am #

    heheheh atleast i failed giki before comming to nust so i dont have anything to regret
    :D:D comparing nust with giki or lums is not justice :/ yes they do provide best education ,yes there students are preffered but please see at what cost ??????

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