It’s the matter of “ownership”

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Man – who is never satisfied with what he has, what he would be and what he actually wants to become gives me a reason to write this piece of dissatisfaction about the past , present and the uncertain future (which makes us worry all the time). This post is a response assembly of the few articles written that complained about the system, the blame to be put on what, whom and why? and the dissatisfaction of studying at OUR university NUST.

There are few things that I always praise about the semester system and one of them is to meet new instructors topped with new books and new courses after every four to five months. To me it is a learning to meet so many personalities under one roof who will mentor me. This semester I was privileged to have the honor of studying from one of our University’s Alumni and she quoted:

‘Life is unfair; you need to learn how to deal with it’.

I guess I made a lot of learning from this quotation. I applied this on various events that followed in my life and I learnt that it is easy to put blame, winge and make others responsible for what you have not been able to achieve that you expected and yearned for but to give the credit for being successful is really difficult. No doubt our system is not doing justice to anyone, we are not getting the rights but my point is does this all bring a change that we want?

I was a good scorer, did my SSC and HSSC with flying colours but was still not able to get into medicine. I blamed the system, the admission and entry test criteria and each and everything that I found which was responsible for not getting me in. But it did not bring a positive change in my life except for frustration, anxiety and disappointment. Though the rage, passion and thirst to excel should be there for improvement but the remorse on being a part of this system is pointless.

My experience says that we have lost tolerance and acceptance of reality somewhere in the middle. We have stopped embracing the fact that whatever happens is for a reason. When we start college we just pray all the two year long time that it ends and we reach the university life as soon as possible but  when the farewell party arrives we are nostalgic not to leave the beautiful college of ours as we met the ‘friends forever’ here. When university life starts we pray that it ends and we get free of all the daily stress and the routine hassle of the projects, assignments and quizzes. As the convocation day arrives we are again nostalgic that we are now ending up the most beautiful and unforgettable time of our life. When students enter the job market then again the blame starts. ‘How stupid the boss is, the unethical environment, the unreasonable pay, the university was a waste of time from where I graduated, would have been better off if I had been from another renowned university’ etc etc …


The reason behind this entire dilemma is we never get satisfied. Sometimes we blame the school we had been into but we forget those who only view the ghost school in their village. Sometimes we blame not be provided with what we deserved but forget those who are deprived of even drinking the safe and healthy water. I guess our WANTS are being converted into NEEDS and this ultimately is leading us towards being impatient, impractical and frustrated youth. I am not against striving for the best but want to develop an approach which could make us thoughtful, reasonable and logical.

All these sorts of rants will not make a positive human being out of us. We do complain a lot about NUST but at the end we also LIKE to brag about it e-g NUST being among the top universities of Pakistan, the alumni who are in Oxford, MIT and studying abroad and those who got into big multinationals, the huge H-12 campus etc etc .I guess it’s time that we should develop ownership of this institution because no matter where ever we will go, we will be representing US- the Pakistanis, the NUSTians and we will own it not intentionally by choice but unintentionally by fate. Blaming this university will not enable us to get a $5,000,000 job but being sincere to it and owning it, may develop a sense of loyalty in us. It is a fact that it made us learn a lot and it was a source of great value addition to our life. In my opinion we need to develop patience and optimism -a fire for improving, learning, and a struggle to excel in order to become the realistic yet responsible and sincere citizens of Pakistan.

Anum Javed

I am currently a student of MBA, specializing in Human Resource Management and a BBA grad with Finance majors from NUST Business School. Colours, a good sense of humor, cooking, gadgets, after rain weather(in summers) and a cup of coffee with an old buddy makes life worth living. Diversity, traditions and eastern values fascinate me!

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  1. Many people know the art of writing but only few are genius among them. U r the latter one. I wish u keep on posting such wonderful stuff.

  2. I have no words to explain my feelings after reading this article…It has no doubt given me many new things to ponder upon.. Awesome i must say

  3. MuzzE,Muneeb,Onib,Azeema,Hassan,Bilal,Armaghan,Fahad,Jawad and Osama! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu very much for your appreciation and being a source of motivation for me to write more 🙂 It is no doubt a great support and i really mean it 🙂

    @Hasnain: Really? I thought it will be a kind of bandage to the injuries the system did to some people 🙂

  4. Hasnain Raza

    @Anum Javed: I was talking sarcastically, as in the article was so awesome and responded heavily to my post, it hurt. Very well written, I do agree with some of the points, and don't with the rest as you might already know. 🙂

  5. While it is good to remain satisfied with everything,we must realize that this is not the 1400s.There is a thin line between being satisfied and being part of the "zulm" . If for example people in egypt and tunisia would have remained satisfied under their leaderships they would certainly not have got these fabulous revoulutions of freedom. Thus to challenge the status quo(when its wrong) is every sane individual's obligation. Either we remain satisfied that our leaders are corrupt,that there is open nepotism,bribery in our societies or we make our voices heard where ever its due. A good soul must not be a "part" of the transgression rather must raise his/her voice for making things right.

    The same applies to NUST.

  6. Striving Mominah

    THIS IS COOL! that IS the spirit! I'm really into getting in nust but man…. I ALREDY LOVE IT LIKE HELL! sp. the eme campus …. 😀 😀

  7. i must say u shared a very true fact which usually people are enable to understand.! Great to read it!

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