10:43 pm - Tuesday February 20, 2018

DISCOVER – Opening Ceremony [photos]


The launching event of  DISCOVER  (All Pakistan NUST Business Plan Competition) held on 22nd February from 1pm to 6pm at Ground Adjacent to NBS Faculty parking, NUST H-12 campus, Islamabad.

The event included stalls of different campuses from around the H-12 NUST campus. Military Colleges also showed their unannounced attendance during the event. There were arranged Information Desk & “Ideas box” by the official representative of the event.

The major entertainment stalls included “Can you do it?”, “Ao dhol bajao”, “Palmist stall”, “Laivalll boys”, “Waili Games”, “Win, Win, Win”, “Are you smarter than 5th grade”, “Coin and Cash”, “The Mug Project” display”. In addition to that, few food stalls were also on the grounds 🙂 Where shakes, fresh bakery food items were available on cash – See the official photos of the event below:

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