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… Here words speak!


With ten months and few days old, iRnustian has successfully emerged as a domain of student interaction and exposure to other campuses.  In much behind  world, the attempt should be much appreciated as a student initiated   move. In this mere time, the site has crossed over one lac clicks from all over the world (102,392 to be precise) and has reached over 7000 fans on its facebook page.

The page in this short time has emerged as the voice of students and their issues and much celebrated gossip and not so favorite “issues” from different campuses of the university through over 200 posts by more thaan 50 reporters pursuing different fields of study at NUST. Issues were highlighted and answered, perceptions were made and deceived, glories were shared and celebrated in these mere ten months.



The site now has changed its interface and has adopted a new logo and categories being reviewed too. The new categories are: In focus (news update/gossip), Happenings (events), Expressions (articles), Societies (student body tales), Opinions (interviews), Wall of fame (achievements), Gallery (videos and pictures) and Alumni (alumnus interactions) . The anonymous admins also plan to review the reporting team and make the site more active with a bigger surprise coming on site’s first birthday.


The new iRnustian interface

The site was initiated by an anonymous admin or group of admins (as quoted by iRnustian facebook account) and soon gathered the student attention of both central campus and military colleges as a domain of student interaction, exchange of ideas and portrayal of perspectives, narrates the site intro. Site today brings regular updates covering events, achievements, ideas, opinions, and news from both the university and the alumni. Through an active team with spirit of sharing to their best, iRnustian has emerged as a must-see site of both the university and its admirers, it further adds. Besides a dedicated team of student reporters, site also accepts news from current students, alumni, and faculty and staff members of both the central and military campuses.

Old iRnustian interface

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4 Responses to “… Here words speak!

  1. January 31, 2011 at 1:11 am #

    amazing graphical user interface…! just bit curious about "the anonymous admin" ….!

  2. Usama Hamayun
    January 31, 2011 at 3:37 am #

    Can't wait for the list of admins to get revealed…..so glad to hear tht u guys will be more active now.

    And brownie points for ur designers on this amazing overhauling of the site…luks great.

  3. Muneeb Khan
    January 31, 2011 at 4:50 am #

    Nice GUI.

  4. February 1, 2011 at 9:04 pm #


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