Egg Drop Competition

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Dead silence ! Splat ! Cheers.

This wave of sounds came several times Tuesday afternoon on 21st of December , in front of Computer department, as the upcoming engineers of EME competed in an egg drop competition , hosted by ASME student chapter . The cold sunshine was pitiful on the fate of poor chicks, but some defeners stood up !!

The mission was to engineer a protective contraption, and then use that contraption to safely drop a raw egg from the roof of Computer department … without breaking the egg. It was mandatory that it should be the eggs to kick the land first, after a two-story fall. Beyond that, points were added for hitting a target on the ground, number of parts of the device and weight. Four judges were responsible for declaring first, second and third-place winners, best design award and the best splash award.

In fact, a couple of eggs survived the two-story fall but a gigantic number of students participated with an unprecedented level of competitive spirit along their smashing designs and a number of unimates for buckup of the saviours. Reputable Dean Brig.Akhtar Nawaz , HOD Mechanical Engineering M A. Khan, Senior professor Rehan A.Khan and other faculty members joined the event.

It was one of the outflank event of the month and a great effort by the organizers, ASME student chapter, EME. The Dean really appreciated the idea of such a healthy event. It was a pleasance just after the chaos of mids’.

Kamal Rahim

10 Comments to Egg Drop Competition

  1. lol

    i remember the same competition organised by ASME back in 2007 …. at exactly the same venue

    it was real fun participating in the event particularly because of the fast winds blowing and the rain last night…:P

  2. Hira Wahid

    I really feel sad for poor eggs 🙁

    But still it was a great competition …especially to enhance the technical skills of future engineers 🙂

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