10:39 pm - Tuesday February 20, 2018

The Meaty Eid


By Faiza Azeem Usmani – IESE- SCEE

Eid-ul-azha is coming up and most of us are busy in getting cow and goat to slaughter on Eid day.  This is the festival which reminds us of Hazrat Ibrahim’s Sunnah when he was going to slaughter his son Hazrat Ismael on will of Allah. I won’t go into much detail as we all know about it. This day teaches us the lesson of sacrifice and to obey the teachings of Allah which HE conveyed to us via his messengers.

Eid-ul-Azha is the best festive to cherish with our Muslim brothers and sisters and to distribute the slaughtered meat to the needy ones. According to the teachings of Islam, the meat has to be divided into three parts i.e. 1- Relatives, Neighbours, Friends, 2- Needy ones, 3- Your own self. I feel really bad when I see people storing all of the meat in their refrigerators instead of sharing it with others.

From scientific perspective, it is not healthy to store meat for many days. Micro-organisms that can nurture at cold temperatures are called psychrophiles. Psychrophilic microbes can tolerate, endure and flourish at low to extremely low temperatures. This explains why food products still go bad in refrigerators. The microorganisms that are found in glaciers, in the Arctics and the Antarctics are pyschrophiles and they are the ones in your freezer. Another group of microbes called psychotrophs, is capable of growth at room temperature as well as low temperatures. This means that they can survive at temperatures ranging from 0°C to 25°C. Bacteria such as Coliforms, Pseudomonas sp., Vibrio sp. and Listeria sp. and moulds such as Penicillium and Cladosporium sp. are all known to survive low temperatures and become harmful once they are inside the human body. (Reference). So, it’s not healthy to store the slaughtered meat in your refrigerators and utilize it as soon as possible.

In current scenario, when many of our brothers and sisters are being affected by floods, we should share the celebrations of this meaty Eid with them. Donate the skin of the slaughtered animal to those organizations who are working on flood relief so that those organizations can generate funds for the flood relief by selling those animal skins to the garment factories.

We enjoy meat whole of the year but just look around in your living community, there are many who have it after gap of many days. If all of us share meat with needy ones, no one will be left without enjoying the taste of this meaty Eid. So, celebrate Eid with its true spirit and try to celebrate this day with its true spirit. Your happiness level will increase hundreds of times. At the end, I would say Eid Mubarak to all. May this Eid bring a lot of happiness in our lives and peace in our beloved homeland Pakistan (Ameen).

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