NUST Horticulture Society – Trip to Margalla Hills

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Faisal Masjid View (from road to Hills)

NUST horticulture society arranged its first trip to Margalla hills on Wednesday, 24th Nov, in order to introduce the society as well as to collect plant samples from the wild. The trip was also an effort to provide an opportunity to the members to interact with each other, after the launching of the society in NCVI about a month ago.

At 10:30 am, over 100 students were ready in the buses to spend a day tracking on the Margalla hills. After a short bus journey, the tracking started from the base of margalla hill to the top, near the Monal restaurant, during which a short break was taken at Daman e Koh. The tracking was not only exciting but also informative, with Dr. Ashraf, faculty head of the society, providing information about the plant and wild life on the way.

During the lunch break at Daman e koh, the students were met by a pleasant surprise when the organizers announced an extention in the trip- a short stay at saidpur village. The tour of saidpur village was short but did enable the students to take a bird’s eye view of the beautiful place. The quick round of the village marked the end of the outing. Overall the trip was thrilling, informative and well organized even after being arranged at a short notice.

NHS will soon be launched in other schools of NUST and plans to arrange events and outings in the future as well in order to provide both education and recreation.

Courtesy Reporting: Nida Ul Fatima (NCVI)

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21 Comments to NUST Horticulture Society – Trip to Margalla Hills

  1. When did this society start functioning ?? 😐

    I wanted to be a part of it as well 😐

    Please run your membership campaign to other schools as well and as soon as possible !!

  2. @hamid NHS has recently been launched in NCVI n its recruitment process is about 2 start in other schools as well…

  3. @ hassam..

    that particular trip was for the NCVIans only..after its proper launch in the other schools…u will be able to get a chance 2 b a part ov the upcoming activities of NHS..

  4. Sidrah Jahangir


    A memorable trip of my life….

    The most funny part was thatwhen we left from university every one was like going to K2….but only at the mid of the track everybody was just sweating…..

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