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Inspiration @ NUST


NUST is a new face of higher education in Pakistan as a public sector university working under the aegis of Ministry of Science and Technology.  Comprising of Colleges (located away from the main campus), and schools (faculties), institutes and centers at the main campus, university derives its roots from the land and culture of Pakistan. Its new campus at Sector H-12, Islamabad is a state of the art hub of academic and research activities. The campus portrays a picture of Pakistan through its locations, named after personalities, civilizations and sites rooting in the culture of the country we dwell in.

Roads, buildings and places at NUST new campus have been named to highlight the sources of inspiration, pay homage to eminent personages, who are revered as role models for their shaping influence on civilizational development as a whole, contribution towards the making of Pakistan, and the physical landmarks that best represent cultural and historical identity of various regions of Pakistan.

The Avenues

There are two main avenues (two-way roads) to the hub of academic activities of the university.  They emanate from the Gateway to Wisdom (in the east) and the Gateway to Knowledge (in the West). They have been named as under:

·        Luqman Avenue:

It has been named after Hazrat Luqman, the wise, mentioned in the Qur’an. He symbolizes sagacity and is a source of inspiration for anyone aspiring to seek divine guidance and wisdom.  It signifies strong moorings of NUST community and its ultimate source of guidance.

Luqman Avenue

·        Aligarh Avenue:

It connects the Sir Syed Square at the main entrance (on the western side) cal Gateway to Knowledge with Iqbal Square. It has been dedicated to Aligarh College, founded by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who spearheaded the Muslim renaissance in the subcontinent. In fact, Aligarh Movement shaped into Pakistan Movement which was strengthened by the students and alumni of Aligarh. Thus, Aligarh Avenue is meant to remind everyone about the significance of knowledge in the life of a community.

Aligarh Avenue

·        Scholars Avenue:

It is a continuation of Aligarh Avenue and is the life-line of the university as it runs through the very heart of the academic zone. It is dedicated to the scholars who adorn its walkways and move up and down in search of truth and knowledge.

Scholars Avenue


Roads signify movement and flow; connecting peoples and places. Drawing inspiration from these attributed, it was decided to name the roads after rivers and passes of Pakistan. While the rivers manifest life, dynamism and growth, the mighty rivers of Pakistan have sustained vibrant civilizations like those of Indus Valley, Soan Valley and Gandhara. The mountain passes stood witness to great historical events in the subcontinent, from prehistoric times onwards, and still buzz with flow of men and materials.

The ring road which strings the main blocks, like beads of a lovely necklace, has been named as the Indus Loop.River Indus is the life-line of Pakistan. Everyone is connected with Indus one way or the other. So is the significance of the Indus Loop which runs in a closed loop and connects various places. All other roads are like tributaries of the mighty Indus.

Generally, the main rivers in Pakistan run north-south and the passes connect east-west. Therefore, roads running north-south have been named after the rivers and east-west roads are named after the historical passes. There is a fair representation of the provinces, northern areas, Kashmir and the tribal areas.


These are smaller service and link roads which connect certain buildings and areas to the nearby roads. They have been named as per the following scheme:

  • Academic Zone: All lanes in the academic zone are named after the historical pplaces or geographical regions in Pakistan like Mehrgarh Lane, Rohi Lane etc
  • Residential Zone: They represent the flora of Pakistan like Jasmine Lane, Rose Lane, etc
  • Sports and Recreation Zone: These lanes have been named after the fauna of Pakistan, especially the rare species of birds and animals like Uryal Lane, Markhor Lane, Hubara Lane, etc


The squares have been named after  persons, held in high esteem for their preeminence:

  • Sir Syed Square: Named after Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who pioneered the drive for modern education for the Muslims of the sub-continent
  • Iqbal Square: Named after the poet philosopher Muhammad Iqbal who gave the concept of a separate homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent.
  • Jinnah Concourse: Named after the Father of the Nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan
  • Abdus Salam Square: It has been named after the first Nobel Laureate of Pakistan, Dr. Abdus Salam.

Campus Guide

Buildings and Places

The main blocks of all buildings have been named after the Muslim luminaries who excelled in their fields or those who contributed towards the development of Pakistan or establishment of NUST as a premier seat of higher learning. Important buildings completed or under construction have been named as under:

Buildings / Places Named After Remarks
Central Library: Farabi Centre Renowned Philosopher
Auditorium: Quaid-i-Azam Auditorium Father of the Nation
Academic Blocks
SEECS: Al-Kindi Block First Cryptologist
NBS: Mehboob ul Haq Block Renowned Economist
SCEE (NIT): Sher Shah Block Sher Shah Suri
SCME: Jabir Bin Hayan Block Father of Chemistry
SMME: Al Jazri Block Father of Mechanical Devices
Medical Complex: Ibn-e-Sina Block Father of Medicine
CAMP: Al-Khwarzmi Block Father of Algebra
IESE: Al-Tamimi Block Renowned Environmentalist
RCME: Ibn Darnas Block First Aviator
IGIS: Idrisi Block First Cartographer
TIC: Atta-ur-Rehman Block Educationist / Scientist
Botanical Gardens Ibn Baiter Gardens Botanist
Tusi Hill Astronomer
Khayyam Hill Astronomer
Al-Bairouni Hill Astronomer
Sports Facilities
Mehran Stadium Mehran Valley
Gandhara Stadium Gandhara Civilization
Lake Takasila Lake Old name of Taxila – Home of Gandhara Civilization

Boys Hostels have been after Muslim mystic scholars Rumi hostels, Ghazali Hostels, etc. Girls hostel have been named after Muslim women like Hazrat Khadija, Hazrat Fatima, Hazrat Aisha, Hazrat Zainab, etc

Reference: NUST Campus Guide

Photo Credits: Ghulam Rasool Khan (Photographer NUST)

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