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Choosing a Career – A Perspective


Choosing a career is one of the most intensive questions one faces when it’s about the time. Many people have little concern about this as they either have their directions set by their parents, family traditions or just consider them good enough for everything. Apparently, here in our society such dilemmas are addressed right at the nick of time however the truth is that one must have a clear picture of what he/she aims to achieve in life and knows his/her real capabilities. Becoming a part of flow often end up people doing jobs they don’t love and infact, studies reveal that one of the major causes of hypertension is being indifferent towards what you are doing.

To be really honest, there doesn’t exist any such thing as aptitude, in first place. Yes that’s true. I believe it would be unfair at the part of God to declare what a person should do or what shouldn’t be doing. There can be few cases of some individuals been given a prowess but yet most of their traits arise from experience and love. Yes, the best criterion for choosing your profession is to think what you love rather than what you can do or not. Your aim for becoming a pilot may have its roots in you watching airplanes zoom past you when you were a kid and it’s perfectly fine rather than doing something you’ve been told is having a ‘lot of scope’ (infact the word scope is misunderstood a lot here in Pakistan, will discuss it later) these days or some other good for nothing reason. I have experienced that persistence is what can actually make you an expert of something you never imagined to be good at or thought you couldn’t do it.

Coming to the real topic now, here in Pakistan, career choice is made in a sick hurry without people even thinking:

  • Who they are?
  • What do they want in life?
  • What is their life all about?
  • What is expected from their peers from them?

And straight go for whatever they think will ensure them a good future. Yes, for a country like Pakistan we agree that choosing a financially prospective career that will retain its importance for decades is necessary but despite that, some blunders are made in selecting the right field. For example, it simply makes little sense to even think of shifting between engineering and medicine, two totally different fields demanding absolutely different type of work strategy.

Then we have people thinking whether mechanical engineering would be good or electrical even though both are the bedrock of modern engineering with once again, different approaches needed. By chance, a person might be good at electrical and mechanical both at a time, yet one has to be really sure about himself/herself what they can handle better. Although I do agree we need some people in this world who are jack of all trades and master of none. With the science world requiring hybrid skills, these people might be in demand for some trades.

To have a smooth journey all along your career making and career itself, it’s a must to have your priorities set, no matter you are 15 years of age. Do not trust any opinions that go against your liking or talk about today. In a world today, things change rapidly in even 2 years. Not long ago, telecom sector in Pakistan was believed to be the best place to have your job. Today people are seen even leaving this sector for some place better. I have cited this example just to tell that do not believe in present to stay the same, tomorrow is going to be entirely different.

And then do not ever choose a profession because someone in your family, cousins chose it and earns like 2-3 lac rupees. Everyone has his/her own luck according to which they get the return. Also never decide blindly to study more than you can manage or need (although getting higher education is highly recommended, in some cases, it’s just not good enough) just because someone got a PhD or MS from abroad and now gets this chunk of money. You can never be in the same situation as others. Everyone has his/her own life and responsibilities. Consider following points when making such decisions after you graduate:

  • Where is the current world heading and what will be the demand of industry in coming 4-5 years?
  • What is your family situation? Do your parents expect you to share their load
  • What can you prove as you enter the practical life?
  • What’s your view about life? You love working, want to be balanced or enjoy and less work?

Do look for the answers to these questions to see if you really are ready for the direction you are taking or not. At the end of day it’s the satisfaction that matters after all, you always wanted peace and dignity in your life. And this is all your effort was all about. In my opinion at least, a person earning too much, being highly qualified, if internally is dissatisfied, he is a fail case rather than success. Whereas someone doing a “low-profile job” (I am being critical as I believe no profession in this world is useless. Think if there were no janitors, you would be walking in dirt) might be having less things to own, but more happy. In fact an interesting article I read sometime back mentioned that today many people leave highly paying jobs to shift to jobs that offer lesser money but more time and relaxation with family. Make sure you are not one of those people. To go from lower to higher is always good, higher to lower is a bit of shame really isn’t it ?

Anyhow, there is still so much to write on this issue, being myself a person obsessed with doing something in life, and will add more later on as well. Hope you will find yourself meditating after reading this article and helping any curious young people around you who are in this phase of making career choice, whether for university or after graduation. Thanks !

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3 Responses to “Choosing a Career – A Perspective

  1. Abdullah
    October 31, 2010 at 3:18 am #

    really interesting 🙂

    raised some very important questions in making a career choice

    (especially the last bullet)

    but the thing is one has to think and decide with a very cool mind

    and a cool mind often does not exist at this age 😉

    and btw interesting pic…

    have a seen it a lot of times on registers lol

  2. I M
    October 31, 2010 at 4:17 am #

    I agree with you 100%…its damn true true people….bcuse i M also Not what i aM dOIng

  3. Anum Jawed
    November 1, 2010 at 12:11 am #

    Nice one! =)

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