NUST Adventure Club – Membership Open

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The membership for NUST Adventure Club has officially been opened. The forms are available from the photocopier at your department and the Cafeteria!

Kindly submit the form to following people by Wednesday 29th September 2010.

In addition, Download the form in .jpeg format from here (right-click & open in new window) and .doc for NAC format from here.

Forms can be submitted to the following people:

  • IESE – Anam Rathor
  • NICE – Arsalan Mehmood
  • SEECS – Adeel Ahmed Khan  (BEE 5)
  • SMME – Hammad Burney
  • SCME – Muhammad Ahmad   (Che-01 A)
  • NBS –  Aun Ali Shah

For further quarries; Please contact:

  • Anam Rathor- IESE-SCEE
  • Arsalan Mehmood- NICE-SCEE (Contact # 03434006724)

6 Comments to NUST Adventure Club – Membership Open

  1. Anam Rathor

    Tis Club iz for H-12 Campus…

    But dnt u guyz at Eme hve the *Adventure and Sports Club* of ur own???

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