Its Time to Pay Back

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By: Faiza Azeem Usmani- IESE

We always compliant about illiteracy, injustice, unawareness, and unemployment in our country. But we don’t think what we are doing for Pakistan. It is so easy to criticize while having chit chat in our drawing rooms but we don’t find it easy to do practically for our motherland. Although, there are problems in our homeland but who will solve these problems except us. What we don’t have here. We are living in resource rich country (however, we are not utilizing those resources), we have got identity from here, and above all, we are enjoying freedom. This country has given us a lot and now, its time to pay back.

As we all know that 20 million people are displaced due to current disaster of floods. They are no one else; they are our brothers and sisters. A question comes into mind that how we can raise money and help flood victims. By contributing a little, we can save life of someone and by taking few steps we can help many.

We can contribute by donating our pocket money to flood victims. Instead of enjoying lavish Iftar parties, we could do Iftar with simple food. By doing this, we can take out that money for donation. Moreover, this will show our solidarity with flood victims.

Instead of making new clothes for Eid, we should utilize our present nice clothes for Eid and we can donate that money to relief organizations. If Rs. 1000 is spent on making of new clothes of Eid, then 1000 rupees per person can be saved. If 4 persons from each home make new clothes, then Rs. 4000 per home can be raised from each home and Rs.4,00,000 can be raised from 100 houses and so on.

Our simple initiative towards donation and contribution can help many of lives. We not only have to save their lives but we also have to settle them back to their homes. They have lost everything. It is not only the responsibility of Government to do everything; being Pakistani, it is our responsibility to do something for our people to cope up with this natural disaster. We have to do something for rehabilitation of our people; otherwise we will put our homeland and brothers towards anarchy. The main reason for it is that it is not matter of few people, its matter of 20 million people who are now left with nothing. So, come forward and play your part.

Anam Rathor

15 Comments to Its Time to Pay Back

  1. muhammad Azib Hassan

    we are just paying for our sins…we need to go back to our Scripture the Glorious Quraan…and understand it's meanings…and afct upon them…

  2. well said…… its tym to pay back…it is not tym to hav jst a chit chat but to do sumthing…..jst small steps can bring chnge but for chnge we have to take stepssss…lyk saving our pocket money nd many moreee

  3. Very well said Faiza… 🙂 m so proud of u…

    Pakistanis (WE) reallyy need to wake up, not just getttt up from OUR beds every morning gonna make any difference BUT SERIOUSLYY WE need to wake up and do something for our motherland…

  4. Well,,,,,,akheer ge akheer. You have spotted things nicely, most of the ppl just highlight things and what they don’t address is the idea of execution.

    Good job……keep it up

  5. Indeed a practical step to help out the flood victims. People like you are another ray of light in our social quagmire who can think for others. Best wishes

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