Atrocious parking policies of SEECS

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This article is not a part of any kind of propaganda movement. It just represents an opinion about something ridiculous that has never been witnessed before in any university.

SEECS Car Park Area

Recently SEECS finally managed to get its “automated” parking system, which is part of the campus automation and access control that was promised when we shifted to this campus three years back. The parking system consists of a barrier that is operated using an RFID card. I would not like to comment on the parking system and its shortcomings but the parking policy needs to be looked in to.

As you might have seen the parking space for SEECS is very small compared to the number of vehicles and students that it has to accommodate. Moreover almost two thirds of it is occupied by faculty, rest that is available to students is now further dented by this automated system. You can’t park your car in that parking space if you don’t possess the RFID card. Now to get the RFID card you have to go through a process which can be best described by this official email that i received:

From this semester i.e. Fall 2010 SEECS has setup the automated parking system. It has been decided to allow a limited number of students to park their cars inside the SEECS parking lot with the following conditions.

  • You need to first register using the Online Registration Form blah balah
  • After Online Registration you have to pay Rs. 1000 (Refundable RFID Card Security) and Rs. 500 per month in Accounts Department.
  • After Fee Deposit you need to submit payment slip to Mr. XXX for issuance of RFID Card. You shall get the card on the next day.
  • Only first 50 students will be accommodated. Students will be served on first come first served basis.

I have been in the RFID industry for some time, although not for long but I know for sure that an RFID transponder costs no more than Rs.200. Even for the sake of argument if we consider it to be worth Rs.1000 – which is ridiculous – , what kind of university charges its students for using the parking lot?

SEECS proclaims to abolish military style rule of the administration by taking small measures which are of no value i.e. ban on ragging and giving responsibility to students, but in its core is the same biased and dictatorial mentality which is even worse than a disciplined military environment.


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  1. oh dude dun ask for shades dat could cost u another 500 pm seriously 😀 and who knows v may c ur name in fine list soon 😛

  2. Bilal is absolutely right. Being a victim of this trauma myself, I would advise everyone to stay out of it. In short, don't take "panga" with the admin. Of course they are a bunch of narrow-minded old-fashioned dictatorial freaks but why say it to their face? You don't go on knocking on the bull's stable and sing to it: hit me baby one more time, do you?

    About the post: This is one tiny issue out of the gazillions that we face at SEECS in particular. Did any one notice the sign "SEECS students are not allowed to go upstairs" in front of the stairs in SADA? I mean what the hell is wrong with these people? Are they trying to prove SEECS students as being some aliens that everyone should be concerned about? The more I think about it, the more I want to bang my head on the wall.

    Alas, SEECS admin (the worst one at NUST) just craves for the students' loathing and they are doing everything they can to further the cause.

    Good luck SEECS admin, keep it up.

  3. so den wat's the big deal if a restaurant puts a banner 'Pakistanis not allowed" to maintain discipline and whatev…Pakistan is an animal kingdom and SEECS is no difference…and abt criticizing u hv to be smart probably but I hv made my mind I'll say wat I feel and dat's why I posted 'Contrast Within' though I was threatened not to do so…

    enough has to be enough!!!

  4. @bilal


    i saw the sign too…the guard said the place was wrecked by seecs students.he didn allow us ncvians to upstairs too (had to get special permission)

    @ban on ragging

    coincidently i find freshies frm almost every dept telling me that "baji seecs k bachon ne hamari ragging kar di hay " 😛

  5. Tanzeel Murtaza

    This really is a shameful act. I never heard of a college/university charging its students for parking area. Further, the action was taken before the announcement was made. I reached the parking barrier and i was notified by guard that you are no more allowed to park here until you get an RFID card. This is a highly non professional attitude.

  6. Usman Zafar

    haha …… this is nothing compared to the ridiculous fines faced by SEECS students on a daily basis.

  7. @usman


    and there definitely should be shades not only in the parking..but also throughout NUST..aur ye RFID wala project dr raihan of SEECS ne karwaya he(i dont blame hime wholly though)…

  8. i am a faculty yet i feel this strange, though ur opinions on mind set of ur admin may or may not be right but the only way to break the ice is that meet ur dean/hod to clarify the issue. 1st there isnt much space and unis work on student's fees so they have to be accomodated. Just talk ur way up and things will be better. Show logic to them not anger, they would understand i hope

  9. SEECS-u wrecked-me

    Yes sir, you r right. We should talk…but we r afraid (no one wana enter the lions gate….)

  10. SEECS-u wrecked-me

    ….they charge u for everything……..your welcome ceremony etc…and dont really like u to interfere in these matters…. 😛

  11. Respected Sir Asad,

    You raised a very good point that if we talk to HoD or DG in this regard that might be helpful.

    But as I am part of different student

    bodies at top levels,I can say with full confidence that they dont even give an ear to President of student bodies ,when they put forward issues of students faced in SEECS to admin,but in result are threated to disqualify the president.

    We just request to treat us like human and give some respect to students!

  12. whizzyifti

    I have spent three years in this university [you will hear this phrase a lot from me :D], and my policy has been to cooperate with the administration in every possible way as possible. Never have i witnessed any kind of reciprocation, though there are some exceptions of people with good character, but as an organization the mentality remain same. Ideally would like administration to take note of it, but they simply don't care.

    I hope this improves.

  13. In full accordance with whizzyifti,

    cooperate with the admin has always been my approach, and as far as to take the matters to HoD or DG, who knows better than me that i got fined 2000 rupees just for raising my voice against some issues that we face in the most gentle and respectful manner. There is no point in taking the matters to the high ups,

    I wonder how else can the students be charged to ACCOMMODATE the university.

  14. I don't see what all the fuss is about. the parking area in question is being treated like a piece of paradise which it isn't :P, the lot hasn't even got a shade for cars. So technically even if you park your car down the hill alongside the road its more or less the same thing. Maybe people are getting lazy and dont want to walk "all the way" to the campus; hmmm i wonder if that was what the administration had in mind, student health that is 😛 .

    but i have to agree charging for a parking lot in universities is unheard of, but then again a university admitting more students then it can handle is also a rare. we here at seecs are unique creatures 😀

  15. The point here is not that the parking lot is paradise, the point is that 50% of the parking has been rendered useless with this new rule, and there is a hell of a congestion on the outside of the parking premises, every day i witness some student having the same argument with the guard "AAP NE GAARI GHLT KHRI KI HY, YE JGA NAI YE RASTA HY"

    Half of THE parking is empty and we students have to show our driving skills to park our cars in the area adjacent to THE parking lot…

    Way to go SEECS admin

  16. Just stating a fact; not siding with anyone. But a COLLEGE (not even a university) in US is charging students $400 to be able to use a certain parking space. And if you're in a hurry or by mistake or whatever park in the wrong lot; thats a $200 fine. So if you're asking for international standards, be ready to pay the international price.

  17. Totally agree with the writer. I recently joined SEECS for MS and whenever I reach the parking area at 1730, there is total chaos at the scene. As if all the police NAkaa's are not enough to waste our time and torture us mentally and physically at every major crossing.

    For the charging issue, best is to finds a place in the visitor parking lot. I personally use NBS' parking now 🙂

  18. @all of the above..

    bois and guls….apart from the parking issue i have some major issues with the guard aka (BLACK COBRA) who yells at every student regardless of the student being a gurl or a boy…uses some really bad language and taunts every person who tries to park his car…it was 1 week back wen he tried to puncture a car's tyre and abused the poor lad while he did tht!!lol i mean wat the mouth hitler bithaya howa hai!!

  19. Future NUSTIAN

    Hi guys,

    I know this thread is out dated, but I just wanted to ask whether students are allowed to keep cars or motorbikes while staying in NUST hostel.


  20. As far as i know, by rules you cant keep a vehicle if you are staying at hostel. However people are keeping vehicles using different workarounds.

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